How To Open a Vape Store

Double Your Vape Shop Revenue With This ONE Proven Concept

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As a vape shop owner, you should have passion for what you do, especially since your love of the industry is one factor in your long-term success. But you can’t run your business purely on passion; you need to know how to make money from your shop, too.

Based on our experience with this industry, about 80 percent of the vape shops out there will probably be gone in a few years. If you want your shop to be among the last ones standing, you need to have some inside knowledge on how to ramp up revenue, and we have the information you need.

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Ultimate Tech Stack For Your Vape Shop

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Whether you’re opening a new vape shop or working hard to grow your existing store, there’s no need to do it alone. There are many tech tools on the market to help you manage and improve your business these days, and it doesn’t make sense to just ignore them.

Instead, find out what they are and use them to your advantage so your vape shop is as successful as you want it to be. Here’s what you need to know if you’re ready to use technology to grow your vape shop.

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Best Desktop Vaporizers To Stock In Your Vape Shop

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Although portable vaporizers have become the focus for many vape shops, there’s still a very dedicated niche market and steady demand for desktop vaporizers.

And with good reason:
Desktop vaporizers are extremely powerful, are more reliable and are more versatile than portable vaporizers.

Anyone who only vapes from the privacy of his/her own home, anyone who vapes mostly in group-/party-settings, or anyone who uses marijuana medically, will be highly interested in a desktop vaporizer.

So even though the portable vaporizer industry is evolving at a faster rate, desktop vaporizers are here to stay.

Therefore, stocking up at least a few popular and high-quality desktop vaporizers, will do wonders for your vape shop.

And today you’re going to learn how to pick which desktop vaporizers to stock up in your shop.

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The 5 minute vape MBA

The 5 Minute Vape Industry MBA

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Read this if you want to skip MBA school and go right into the vape industry.

Look, I have an MBA. I wish it wasn’t true, but it was a complete waste of money. I’ve actually spent the last 4 years re-programming my brain to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate robot (which is what an MBA trains you to be).

That said, there are SOME things you can learn and apply to vaping.

I ran across this Twitter feed and was absolutely blown away by the value and clarity with which this person explains complex topics.

As I was reading it I immediately connected it to the vaping industry, so I wrote up this post with a “how this applies to vaping”.

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Vape Shop POS Systems

The 5 Best POS Systems For Vape Shops

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Using a good vape shop POS is a fundamental component to running a legitimate and successful business. This guide will direct you to the best vape-friendly POS systems that will supercharge your shop. You must first become aware that Point of Sale Systems are in a new era of never before seen technology and features. We now see tablet-based table units and cloud-based back end management as a fundamental feature for almost all POS systems. The age of POS has never been more advanced, which means interacting with the customer has changed forever.

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The Best Vape Review Sites For Researching Products

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In order to build a successful vape store, you must know your customer and know what they want. Vape review sites are the best way to do that. Unfortunately, researching the top box mods you need to stock in your vape shop is difficult. With the added headache of a continuous release of new vape mods on the market, you can easily see where this can all become overwhelming very quickly.

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The 12 Best Vape Products To Keep Stocked In Your Shop

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Clearly one of the most prominent parts to running a vape shop is keeping the latest vape products in stock for your customers. What’s even more important is having vaping products in stock that customers are more prone to purchase. This is why product selection is a key component of not only running a vape shop, but running a successful one. In this article we’re going to scope in on which low, middle, and high-end vape products you should keep stocked up. In any vape shop there should be three categories to cover your overall product line-up. Each of these categories will serve as a way to reach a specific audience.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Open a Vape Shop

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This title may surprise you, but since founding VapeMentors I have been many conversations and encouraged some people to not open a brick & mortar location. Sounds strange since we’re consultants, but nothing would be more painful to us than to see someone open a location, put in their blood, sweat and tears (and money), and have it go down in flames. Our real priority is supporting Entrepreneurship and that focus happens to be in the vape space.

Why would you not open a shop?

Reason #1: Not enough money.

Pretty simple, right?? But you’d be amazed at how many people we have spoken with that have just a few thousand dollars and want to open a shop. Their motivation and heart is in the right place, but many times common sense (not always common) is missing. This question has been addressed in more detail in our Special Report called “How to open a Vape Shop when you have no $$” but here’s our rough rule of thumb.

Unless you have a m1-Monopoly guyinimum or $20,000, and that is bare bones minimum, please do not attempt to do this on your own. Granted, there are places in this country where $20K takes you further than other places, but even in those cheaper places there some things you cannot discount, especially the cost of inventory and supplies. Having less expensive rent and opening costs are great, but you will pay within 10% in costs of materials no matter where you live.

A huge percentage of businesses not vape related fail due to “undercapitalization,” which in simple terms running out of money. Guaranteed everything you budget to spend will be off by at least 10% to many times that. Even double… You want to open a restaurant, show store, dress shop…you name it, our suggestion is to be sure you have budgeted more than you need and plan on 90 days operating capital n advance.

Reason #2: Not enough experience.

And that can take one of two directions.

You may be a great Technician, which means you can tear apart a mechanical and throw on a new wick in just a few minutes. You know your juices inside out and which ones hit and which ones do great rings and which ones suck. That is great knowledge to have to work IN a Vape Shop but necessarily to own and run one.


On the other side of the equation are those that have a history or background of owning businesses or other entrepreneurial ventures, but sometimes don’t have any knowledge of the vape market. They don’t know an Ego from a Kanger and possibly know even less about juices. Hell, they may not even Vape! You know, that’s all good and is not a reason to pass on a shop. The truth is, Technicians are easy to find and hire and teach those that don’t know.

If you have zero business background or entrepreneurial experience and maybe just a bit of Technical know-how, then you need guidance. If your passion and motivation are real, you can pull this off. I have said that the Vape market has been very forgiving, which means that even those that did it wrong or poorly many times made it work. That window is shrinking as more seasoned pros (with more money) enter this space.

Reason #3: You are in it just for the money…

There is money to be made in this business but you really should have passion for it in some areas. If you have true unbridled passion for wanting to be entrepreneurial and you believe in the product that is great. If you think you want to convert the whole friggin’ world because you were able to kick the tobacco habit and that’s your goal in life…it may not be enough.

Here’s the reality of the Vape Space the way we see it.1-do not enter

It is not going away in most of our lifetimes. Big Tobacco projects that the “VTM” industry, which stands for Vapors/ Tanks/ Mods in their words should exceed conventional tobacco sales in the next decade. That means that this small but growing $2.2B industry may get to the $35B mark by 2014. That is a 10-fold increase which is beyond huge. Our projections here at VapeMentorS show that we should have a 2x-3x increase in the next 18-36 months, which means as much as $7B by 2017. That may be low, but we’re rather err that direction.


The “e-vapor” market is on the radar of this same Big Tobacco industry and they will probably not go the route of opening retail stores, but they will get into the manufacturing industry along with the e-cig space, which they already dominate. Will we see authentic “Marlboro Red Vape Juice” in the near future? If I were a gambler I would put my money on it.

What are the top questions you wished you asked or what do you wish you knew then that you know now? Can you avoid learning “the hard way?”

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