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The 5 minute vape MBA

The 5 Minute Vape Industry MBA

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Read this if you want to skip MBA school and go right into the vape industry.

Look, I have an MBA. I wish it wasn’t true, but it was a complete waste of money. I’ve actually spent the last 4 years re-programming my brain to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate robot (which is what an MBA trains you to be).

That said, there are SOME things you can learn and apply to vaping.

I ran across this Twitter feed and was absolutely blown away by the value and clarity with which this person explains complex topics.

As I was reading it I immediately connected it to the vaping industry, so I wrote up this post with a “how this applies to vaping”.

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The 7 Dynamics Of A Successful Shop Owner

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Why are some shops making $20,000 a month and easily hitting their sales goals while others are wondering when their doors will close?

The question is loaded, and perhaps there is not an easy answer, but there is a straightforward solution brought to you by the E-Myth Method of business management.

In 1986, Michael Gerber’s wrote a book called “The E-Myth”. Its concepts dealt with the differences between so-called “technicians” and actual business owners.There is a HUGE difference, and the ideas are just as accurate today as they were back then.

The vape industry is crawling with “technicians”

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Help Us, Help You

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In July 2015 we will celebrate our two year anniversary of VapeMentors. We have learned much, taught many, and continue to be excited about this very dynamic industry.

On July 4, 2013 I walked into my first vape shop in Newport Beach, California, had no idea what it was and asked,  “What the hell is a vape shop?” This story has been shared many times on the radio, in workshops and in the book, Vapreneur. That shop has changed names four times and now has a second owner.

VapeMentors has grown to include consulting, online courses, like VAPE U, our Six Pillar Series, and every month our clientele grows. We want to pose a question:

What are the most valuable offerings we have?

  • Is it our Special Reports?
  • Blog postings?
  • Radio show interviews and info?
  • Training programs?

If you have answers or suggestions or questions, send them in to us directly. Based on responses we will adjust accordingly.

Thanks for your time, look forward to your feedback.