Vape Radio 83: 2016 Review: Rants, Ravings and Thoughts from Norm

Vape Radio 83: 2016 Review: Rants, Ravings and Thoughts from Norm

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Today, no guests. Just me, sharing some wit, wisdom and insights…or possibly not!

As we roll into 2017, we must recognize that the world of vape this year will change at an exponential pace. New regs, new dates to implement them, and the closing of many businesses will provide a shakeout unlike any we have seen before. Last year, in 2016, we saw some carnage, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

In this show, I provide a bit of my background, for context, and some suggestions and observations of what may and will happen this year. Some is conjecture; some is assured.

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Robert M. Califf, M.D. the newly appointed commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, calls the opportunity a “rare and humbling one in his recent blog, “Priorities.” Califf said that he wants to “make a positive difference at an institution that does vitally important work for the nation and its citizens.” He lists his priorities in this blog, deeming them critical to his success, and regulation of e-cigarettes was mentioned in the blog, albeit briefly. He called this priority a critical issue that was on his front burner for the foreseeable future.

He wrote:

“Tobacco product deeming. Much effort has gone into developing the framework for the approach to the regulation of the broad array of tobacco products. FDA is working hard to finalize the deeming rule, which in its proposed form would extend FDA regulation over virtually all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, either all cigars or all but premium cigars, pipe tobacco, certain dissolvables that are not “smokeless tobacco,” gels, and waterpipe tobacco.”

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Our Top 5 Questions We Get Asked

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The TOP 5 questions we get asked: did we answer yours?

Here’s our top five:

1. How much does it cost to open a brick & mortar store

2. How much does an average store make?

3. How many liquids should we carry? Mods?

4. What type of license do I need?

5. What do you think about the FDA? Is here a chance that my store could be closed?

Cynthia Cabrera, SFATA Executive Director Interview on Vape Radio

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SFATA: Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association. Quite a mouthful, but listen in as Cynthia, the Executive Director, talks about the FDA challenges, solutions and how everyone can be involved as an Advocate.

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