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    I live in Gulf Shores, AL. I’d like to know if I need any type of license or permits to open a Vape Store here. Thanks for the help!


    Jesse Plautz

    It’s best to contact your local state and city government to answer this. We can’t claim to be experts in every municipality,or give out legal advice, but can offer some general advice.

    First, the Gulf Shores AL city website is actually very informative. Spend some time researching their ordinances, zoning and licensing laws. Get contact info for your city council members and reach out to them.

    You will want to know what their approach is to Tobacco, even though Vaping is not tobacco the local governments often categorize vaping as tobacco. Use the handy municode library to search for ordinances in your city.

    I did a search for “Tobacco” here and found some interesting information on your City’s tobacco ordinances:


    Study their requirements for business licenses and taxes. You’ll need a business license for sure. The question is, will you need a tobacco re-seller’s license? That depends on your city council’s opinion of vaping.

    Looks like there might be ordinances in your city that restrict the distance second hand tobacco smoke can be from city buildings and other citizens. Study these as they probably apply to vaping as well.

    You’ll also want to study the zoning laws. many cities won’t allow tobacco stores within X miles of a school or church.

    you can also signup for our online course on starting a vape shop here where we go over some of the strategies you should employ while dealing with your city.


    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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