The secret to growing your business is getting more customers, but you need more than just customers… you need the RIGHT customers! This guide will impact your business by helping you discover how to market and reach your ideal customers. You’ll learn how to use this information for virtually all aspects of your customer relationship management including:

  • Lead Generation: What would get your ideal customer in the door (or to your website) in order to become your customer?
  • Community Outreach and Advertising: Advertising is limited in the vape industry, but there are some places you can do it — like billboards, E-Cig Media, Vape Magazine and direct mail. This exercise will help you target those people. You can also think about creative ways to reach your customer by being a part of the communities that they frequent (i.e. anti-smoking groups).
  • Promotions: What is going to entice your ideal customer to buy from you? This guide will help you craft the perfect, irresistible offer.
  • Copywriting: If you are struggling with what you should write in your emails, text messages, in-store signage and on social media, this exercise will help you use the right buzzwords and catchphrases to get them excited to buy or click.
  • Social Media: Knowing your customer means knowing where they hang out online. This report will help you get in front of them on social media.

“Answering questions about your customers lets you get to know them so you can get in their heads and give them the best vaping experience possible so they’ll find you and keep coming back.”

Norm and Jesse

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