How Much Does it Cost to Open a Vape Shop ?


We get this question ALL THE TIME, and of course the answers vary greatly depending upon where you are. Here are some figures based on our experiences.
If you want to open a retail shop probably the biggest expense—and certainly the biggest long term commitment—is rent. Rent prices can vary to less than $1.00 per square foot in industrial areas in certain parts of the country, to double digit numbers per square foot in pricey areas. In Southern California, which seems to be “Ground Zero” as to the largest concentration of locations in the country, some locations can be found for less than a buck a foot, and usually less than $4.00 a foot unless you are in Primo-land in Beverly Hills or San Francisco.

Next biggest expense: Inventory

Mods, juice, parts, etc… It can get very pricey very fast. Those costs will be broken down below.

Back to the store opening: after rent there are other factors to consider as a BUSINESS owner, and that includes expenses like:

  • Insurance
  • Payroll
  • Taxes and licensing and permits

These items specifically need to be addressed since many Vape Shop owners have never owned a business OR a retail location. Aside from the COST of some of these things, there is also the process of training staff and dealing with customer service issues, plus the process of dealing with regulators at every level. Payroll alone can choke you and even though you think you can work 24/7, you cannot. As I’ve shared in multiple presentations over the years, “There are only a few ways to do a business right and multiple ways to screw it up…” You can get a sense of some of those areas in my other Special Reports.

Another option: opening a kiosk, which may become more difficult since cities are bringing the hammer down on kiosks and trucks and such. Here are the numbers for those:


  • RENT: ~$2,500-$5,000/month
  • 100 Starter kits: ~$2,500
  • (10) x 15ml Bottles of e-liquid in 20 flavors (0,6,12,18,24 NIC): ~$15,000.00
  • phone/internet ~$200/month
  • point of Sale ~$100/month (yearly subscription/1 seat)
  • electric bill ~$150/month
  • misc. ~$300/month
  • marketing/promotion ~$100/month minimum
  • + liability insurance ~$150/month
  • + employee’s pay  (2 employees+25hrs/wk each=$1,800/month)
  • + working mall hours (10am-10pm)

And here are the estimated numbers for a retail location:

  • RENT: ~$2,500-$5,000/month
  • 100 Starter kits: ~$2,500
  • 100 intermediate kits: ~$5,000
  • tanks, tips, and accessories ~$5,000
  • (10) x 15ml Bottles of e-liquid in 20 flavors (0,6,12,18,24 NIC): ~$15,000.00
  • electric bill ~$150-250/month
  • liability insurance ~$150/month
  • working hours ~10-12hrs a day. Mon-Sun.
  • employee’s pay (4 employees+25hrs/wk each=$3,600/month)
  • phone/internet ~$200/month
  • point of Sale ~$200/month (yearly subscription/2seats)
  • ADT security ~$20/month
  • misc. $500/month
  • marketing/promotion ~$100/month minimum

In these examples the estimates for inventory are very low, so you can modify the numbers based on your own situation. When someone asks me a pointed question like, “How much do I need to open a store?” I usually say you should have a minimum of $25,000 and that is bare, bare bones pushing it. One of the biggest failures of ALL businesses is “under-capitalization” which means running out of money. Getting a bank loan is not going to happen and your relatives will get pretty angry if you borrow from them, cannot pay them back and go back for MORE.

Some solutions we can help with:

YES, we have financing available to open a store or buy a franchise.

YES, we can help with merchant services

YES, we can help with inventory, suppliers and wholesalers

YES, we can help with training your staff as well as guidance on running your business

And YES we can help if you want to get into the Vape Space without opening a store. Our partnership with is allowing many to get into the business for less than the price of a car.

If you are set and committed to opening a store we recommend you have a minimum of $50,000 available, up to $100,000. Not too long ago just opening a store would guarantee you business, but competition is encroaching upon every part of the country and guaranteed you will have competition when you open or not long after. We recommend having SIX (6) months worth of operating expenses available to be safe and even though you won’t need a business plan to get a LOAN, it’s a good idea to complete one for your own value and benefit. We have templates if you need them.

What are the top questions you wished YOU asked about opening a store or what do you wish you knew then that you know now? Can you avoid learning “the hard way?”

Send your ideas to the address below and if I include them in future reports you’ll get Free Stuff! You tell me what you want and we’ll work out the details.

Please read our other FREE e-report at our web site and inquire about our Blo Gourmet e-juice Distributorship Model which will allow you to get into the Vape Space for less than the price of a car.

  • Garett Moore

    Wanting some more info on opening up a vape shop I already have a building rented in my hometown selmer tn and I’m ready to get started can’t wait to hear back from ya

    • admin

      Good luck and welcome to the Vape Space! When you say “more information” what specifically do you need? Info on becoming a BLO Emporium? Help with developing your market and strategies?

  • Eric Slater

    Looking to open a vapor in my hometown in NC. I was wondering if you are up to date on state laws, or know of a place to find that information. I have also been looking at online wholesale website such as dhgate and alibaba but they seem sketchy, and I am also looking to have my logo put on the products that I am looking to sell. I was wondering if you could point in the direction of a good company to work with?

    • admin

      Eric, currently there are no STATE restrictions in NC, and I suggest you get to know which advocates for the industry and is on top of all the pending restrictions at all levels. Your CITY may be another story, however. We have the ability to private label juice and are building a state of the art automated manufacturing lab in compliance with the new FDA guidelines. I do not recommned private labeling hardware.

      • Eric

        Thank you for the link, it will be very helpful. I have labels for my juices. I meant having my company name and/or logo etched or silk screened on the hardware itself, like on the bottom or side of the battery, tanks, lanyards and cases.

  • Cory

    Do you have any experience in Canada? I was looking into starting a shop up here, not much for competition yet, but was looking for a little more info from the experts.
    Petty much a kick start in this would be a plus.


    • admin

      Cory, we are international and do business in Canada and overseas. Be happy to help you.

  • Austin

    My name is Austin I’m 21 years old and would love to start a vapor store… problem I don’t have enough money to start one. My question not sure if you would know, how would I go about starting one. I’m driven and motivated to own a businesses but I could use some advice where to start. If by chance u are still on this could u please email me incase I don’t see a reply here.

    Thank you

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