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Our complete list of partners and tools for starting or growing your vape shop


At VapeMentors, our goal is to offer everything you need to run a successful vape shop, e-liquid company or any other type of business in the vape space.

Check out our growing list of resources from our trusted colleagues. Rest assured we are getting you the best deal possible, because we are negotiating on behalf of the entire VapeMentors community!

For more information, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We look forward to getting you up and running lickety-split!

Vape Shop Financing

Most vape space businesses can’t get a traditional bank loan (and you’ll pay exorbitant rates). We want to help you get the start-up or expansion capital you need.

Our colleagues at Ventury Capital have helped launch dozens of vape shops. They will help you access the financing you need to get started and grow a successful vape space business! They are ideally suited for existing shops or businesses that wish to grow or expand.

Insurance For Vape Shops

Insurance is not an option in today’s vape space: it is a requirement and a necessity. That is why we use CALCO Commercial Insurance.

We have been working with CALCO Commercial Insurance for several years because they are one of the very few companies that specializes in our industry. They offer General Liability (with or without Product Liability coverage) as well as property coverage. Did you know that you may be held responsible if someone claims to be ill from the sale of one of your products? Protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits.

CALCO is a member of SFATA and insures most of their members. Their prices are competitive and their service is top-notch. Call Sarkis at 877-225-2699.

Legal Services For Vape Shops

If there is one company and one person that we think is best equipped to support the vaping industry, it is Azim Chowdhury with Keller and Heckman LLC in Washington, DC. Azim has been involved with the e-cigarette and vaping industry since 2009 and is spearheading a major lawsuit against the state of Indiana for unlawful practices against the vaping industry. He has also been a supporter and instructor in every one of our VAPE U programs and has generously offered guidance and free webinars through VapeMentors as the deeming regulation process was under way.

We can offer attractive rates for Azim Chowdhury’s help for all Vapreneurs in need of guidance. As head of the FDA practice at Keller and Heckman, he is up to date on the guidelines and will help you stay out of trouble.

If you currently manufacture e-liquids please contact us about our new division called PMTA Advisers.

This partnership with K&H will offer ongoing educational webinars and coaching calls for anyone that manufactures or sells e-liquids. The new regulations are very specific about the PMTA requirements and you must protect yourself by being proactive. Check out the legal packages Azim has put together for you!

Merchant Account Services For Vape Shops

Most merchant account providers put vape space businesses in a “high risk” category and charge high rates – 3 percent or more. We offer you options and preferential treatment.

If you are looking at alternative merchant account providers please contact us for information on our resource partners.

Carry your own E-liquid Line!

There’s a lot of confusion about what happens and when. It’s not a matter of if, but when– and that when is coming up quickly. The sooner you get ready for the new deeming regulations, the better.

Most e-liquid manufacturers are behind in preparing for FDA compliance and don’t know what to do first to meet all deadlines. They are also getting distracted by the possible impact of political efforts and legal challenges.

  • Will the Grandfather (Predicate) date be moved? It may not matter.  Whether the date changes or not, the rest of the regulations will march forward. Waiting until you know the final Grandfather date before you act can be harmful, if not fatal to your company.

We recommend a two-step process regardless of possible scenarios

One: From now until year ends. Prepare for and comply with all of the FDA requirements regardless of the Predicate date. Don’t waste time on contingencies; the entire focus must be on these steps which must be completed regardless.

Two: If the Grandfather date remains at Feb. 15, 2007 be prepared. Finish these steps ASAP. If Congress adjourns without changing the date, it may never happen. Focus your efforts towards developing all the necessary studies, research, lab work and paperwork to file complete Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA).

Do you have your own line but are not sure if they are prepared to go the distance for PMTA approval? Are you looking for your own house line to offer better profit margins?

We offer a new line of liquids developed just for vape shops: Level 13. We have over 30 flavors to choose from and they are already named and labeled and ready to sell in your shop in just a week or two.

This line will officially launch in Q4 but is available NOW if you are interested. Contact Norm for info.

Wholesale Vaping Supplies

Whether you’re just getting started or are frustrated with your current supplier, we have a hot tip for you. Use VaporBeast for all your vaping hardware and e-liquid supplies.

They are the largest and fastest growing wholesale vaping suppliers in the U.S., and VaporBeast will do their utmost to get you started on the right foot, with low minimum order quantities and valuable guidance on the hottest selling products.

Loyalty Programs

When the new regs were released, many asked the question: are loyalty programs still allowed?

And the answer is a resounding yes. We have been working with AppCard and they were part of our four day, 20 hour, VAPE U program. They offer state of the art tracking and software and integrate with virtually all POS systems. We will be offering a FREE webinar with AppCard shortly, so contact us for more information.

POS (Point of Sale) Systems

We proudly offer three of the top POS providers in the United States: Shopkeep, NCR Silver and LightSpeed. They are the most highly recommended brands AND they offer programs that are specific to the vaping industry.

Contact Doug at NCR, Liam at Shopkeep or Keith at LightSpeed.

State Tax Accounting

We were recommended to DAVO by one of our long time clients who sang their praises. So we want to help spread the word and help you stay you out of trouble.

Sales Tax giving you the blues? Looking for a better, worry free way to pay?  Finally, automated sales tax has arrived!

DAVO Sales Tax is an automated sales tax cash management solution for Vape merchants.  DAVO’s patented process automatically  collects, files and pays your sales tax for you.  They set aside your total sales tax collected every day, holding it safe and secure.  Then they file and pay for you when it is due.  DAVO wants to automate the sales tax payment process like ADP and Paychex did for payroll.

We have seen many situations where delinquent actually threatened to close a business, even though they had the money to pay.

Contact Owen Brown and ask how they can help.

What services are you look for?

We have relationships and access to some of the top vape space businesses in the world. Just tell us what you need and we’ll connect you.

Email [email protected]

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