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1) 2015 Vape Space Trends

About a year ago, there were roughly 5,000 vape shops across the country. That number could have easily doubled by the time you read this.

A typical vape store can bring in $400,000 a year after start-up costs of less than $50,000. It’s no wonder everyone with an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit in them is starting a vape shop. Here are some of the trends and what you should know when you consider diving into the vape space…

2) How to Start a Vape Store

We’ve worked with many successful shop owners so we know a little about what it takes to open and operate a vape store.

One of the trickiest challenges in starting a vape shop is getting the financing you need. Most banks won’t give you a loan. At VapeMentors, we can help you access financing and all the resources you need.

3) How Much Does it Cost to Open a Vape Shop?

In this special report, we estimate the costs to open a vape shop or a kiosk. You might be surprised at some of the numbers. Read this and do your research before you put money down on a lease.

4) How to Open a Vape Shop With No Money

The good news is that there’s still plenty of opportunity to start and run a successful vape space business. And you can open a business without tens of thousands of dollars. That’s what this special report is all about.

5) Top Seven Questions to Ask Before You Open A Vape Shop

Many aspiring ‘vapreneurs’ want to open a vape shop based on their passion for the industry. But we caution you to ask yourself these seven questions first…

6) Five Reasons Why You Should Reinvent Your Smoke Shop

Today’s smoke shops are changing and reinventing themselves by bringing in a whole new line of products — vaping products. We list five really good reasons why smoke shops should offer these products starting with reason #1: they will help increase your profitability.


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