In order to build a successful vape store, you must know your customer and know what they want. Vape review sites are the best way to do that. Unfortunately, researching the top box mods you need to stock in your vape shop is difficult. With the added headache of a continuous release of new vape mods on the market, you can easily see where this can all become overwhelming very quickly.

Luckily there are numerous sites offering vape reviews out there covering all the top box mods, but who can be trusted?

In this article we’re going to share the best vape review sites to learn about all the new products so that you eliminate the guesswork and hours of product research. These review sites we’re going to list have a beat on the best mods available, and have the most credibility in our opinion.

Guide To Vaping

Guide To Vaping - Vape Reviews
Our friends at Guide To Vaping run an incredible vape review blog that’s not just about product reviews but also a great place for advocacy and regulation updates. One of the most visited parts of their site is the product watch category, which is a list of posts dedicated to sharing the latest vape products and all of the information about them. We think Guide To Vaping is a great vape review site to start learning about all the top vape mods and new products that are available.

Honorable Mentions For Vape Blogs:

Grimm Green On Youtube

Grimm Green On Youtube - Best Vape Reviews

Grimm Green hosts a popular YouTube channel by the same name. He posts a new video 4 times a week that covers vape product reviews, coil building, advocacy and culture. Checkout his channel not just because he’s a great vape YouTube reviewer, but also to learn about the culture of vaping from a great vape personality. Though you can find fresh vape reviews to watch on his YouTube channel each week, the Grimm Green blog also captures many of his vaping reviews and detailed information about the latest products to hit the vaping market. We feel that Grimm Green is a great resource to learn about the all the new vape products that are available, as Nick is commonly one of the first vape reviewers to get his hands on the latest mods and tanks.

Honorable Mentions For YouTube Reviewers:

Vape Preview

Vape Preview - Best Vape Review Sites

The Vape Preview site has been built specifically for showing off the newest vape products. Everything from the name to the layout of the site has been designed ideally to present a preview of new products, and each post listed will tell you about the products, as well as listing its features and specifications. We think that Vape Preview is an outstanding vape review blog to learn about all the new products.

E-Cigarette Forum

E-Cigarette Forum - Best Vape Reviews

The E-Cigarette Forum is one of the most formidable resources on the Internet for vape reviews and opinion. There’s an incredible amount of information regarding new and older vape products, so it’s rather easy to get lost in the thousands of pages. We feel that this site is a must-visit when researching and wanting to learn about all the new vape products. Create an account and get comfortable rubbing shoulders with the products experts that frequent there. It’s also a great place to get a consumer perspective.

Honorable Mentions For Vape Forums

Vaping Cheap

Vaping Cheap - Best Vape Reviews

The Vaping Cheap blog is possibly one of the most overlooked sites for vape reviews due to it being geared towards deals. However, its constant stream of deals also means it shares information on new products. We encourage you to take a stroll around their new vape products category as you’ll find a list full of information on the newest products.

Author: Blake Brown

Blake Brown is a vape content writer, sharing his passion and knowledge of the industry through his blog and several publications throughout the web. Find him on Instagram here: @guidetovaping