Underrated Websites That Could Actually Change Your Life

By November 4, 2018Uncategorized

This is a fun post because I like fun things…

Taken from this awesome Reddit thread, and some of my own, these websites are not well known but could change your life!


  • draw.io – Free flowchart maker, better than most paid versions
  • FontSquirrel.com – Free fonts
  • noisli.com – Custom white noise generator for concentration
  • live-counter.com/m/bill-gates-money-counter – Inspiration (or envy?) delivered in a continuous counter of Bill Gates’ growing fortune.
  • Canva.com – Free online graphic design (I use this almost every day)
  • tineye.com – Reverse image lookup search engine (better than Google images…)
  • thistothat.com – What glue should you use to stick two different things together? Find out here.
  • haveibeenpwned.com – Find out if your email has been involved in any major data leak
  • noexcuselist.com – Curated list on how to learn nearly anything.
  • html5zombo.com – Get your best friend really high and send them to this site
  • atlasobscura.com – find really cool, but unknown landmarks all around the world. Your hometown may be more interesting than you think!
  • pointerpointer.com – Get your mom really high and send her to this site
  • Charitynavigator.org – You can search up a charity and see whether or not it actually does a good job of what it says it does
  • camelcamelcamel.com – Amazon price tracker, lets you know how the price of something has changed over time.
  • thewirecutter.com – The absolute best gear review site ever
  • erowid.org – A great place to look up pretty much any plant or chemical that has a psycho-active or medicinal effect.
  • wetransfer.com – An easy way to send smaller programs or zip/rar files to people. like a paste bin but for anything small enough to fit. easier to use than google drive.
  • fmovies -pretty much every show or movie you can imagine with decent quality


Author: Jesse Plautz

Jesse is the Digital Marketing Director at VapeMentors and Chief Technology Mentor. He is an ecommerce and internet marketing expert with a background in business and technology.