Vape Industry Consulting: Training & coaching programs to help you start or elevate your business

Whether you already HAVE a shop, have committed to getting one, or are just curious, we offer programs to satisfy your budget and your needs. All programs are either LIVE, or on-line via phone or Skype.

  • 3 hours        $450 (this is for an initial agreement only)
  • 5 hours        $1000 this is our most popular option for serious entrepreneurs
  • 10 hours      $1500

We offer information and guidance for vape space business owners and those who want to get into this industry. We offer many free special reports, our flagship educational program VAPE U, and a wealth of resources as well as one-on-one consulting services.


Norm Bour
Founder of VapeMentors

Free Vape eCommerce Coaching & Strategy Session

Let’s Put Our Heads Together And Solve Some Problems!

If you’d like to talk about your specific issues, i’d be happy to get on a free 1 hour strategy session with you at your earliest convenience.

I’m an expert in Shopify, email marketing, social media, lead generation and upselling/cross selling.

Even if you don’t need help with any of these things specifically, I also have a knack for helping people get “un-stuck” and gain more clarity on their business goals.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get help with, please find time on this calendar. I love talking business with other “vapreneurs”.

Jesse Plautz
Digital Marketing Director