Norm Bour

Founder & Chief Business Mentor

A life-long entrepreneur, Norm Bour is the founder of VapeMentors, the only consultancy solely focused on the e-cigarette industry. Bour is also the founder and host of Vape Radio, addressing national, state and local issues affecting the industry with a monthly audience in excess of 50,000 downloads and over 350,000 since starting in 2014. He also writes for VAPE News, Vapor Voice and speaks at vaping conventions all over the U.S.

Bour has personally coached dozens of other entrepreneurs who are starting brick and mortar stores, online portals and developing new lines of e-liquids. He also works with smoke shop owners entering this new and fast-growing industry. Most of his stores generate a five-figure revenue in their first month of business, and are developing expansion plans by month three.

Bour is also a mentorship consultant with Concordia University, event coordinator for Shark Tank Reunion & Boot Camps, a radio show host, trainer and consultant with both SCORE and the SBA, and a program director for the Nonprofit Development Alliance. His first book was “Success at Any Age: The Baby Boomer’s (and Gen Y) Guide to Becoming an Overnight Success.

Author of “Vapreneur: Your Guide to Mastering the Vape Space,” Bour is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and influential business strategists in this explosive mega-billion dollar industry.


  • william marcet

    A Mall Kiosk just opened in my local mall here in Sarasota,FL. I have been looking to get into the Vape Space for the past year but do not have the funds to do so by myself.The Owner of the Company has proposed me as being a Business Manager and i was curious as to if you believe a Mall Kiosk can still be competative in this growing market. Sarasota and surounding areas already has a few B&M locations,so is there still room for a small Kiosk in the mall to survive with all the other competitors?

  • Felix

    I would like to open my a few shops I’m Mexico, perhaps in the city of Guadalajara,Mexico City, Leon Guanajuato and Celaya Guanajuato. Can you assist with financing or with help in assisting with a business plan, maybe with instructions on how to open a store as well as were to get all the inventory.

    • admin

      and we will help if you need any.

  • Chris

    Sir would like to attain the workshop
    Pls let me the venue and date

    • admin

      Chris, all event locations and dates are posted under Events page. Which location is best for you?

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  • Pete Reyes

    Need info on your next workshop for entrepreneurs. Own a barbershop and and looking to integrating a cape section for extra income. Thanks, pete