Answers to Our Most Popular Questions

By June 1, 2015Uncategorized

  • The latest FDA status change
  • Vape Radio now on ITunes
  • VIP Vape Street misses the mark. Find out why.
  • Vapor Dynasty doesn’t miss the mark. Learn from them, too.
  • The TOP 5 questions that we get asked:
    • How much does it cost to open a brick & mortar store
    • How much does an average store make?
    • How many juices should we carry? Mods?
    • What type of license do I need?
    • What do you think about the FDA? Is here a chance that my store could be closed?

Author: Norm Bour

Norm Bour is the founder of VapeMentors and the host of the award-winning podcast Vape Radio. He’s a vape industry coach, speaker, author and can be seen rubbing shoulders with the top influencers in the vape industry.