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Many people are familiar with vape pens, which are often used to replace tobacco products. But do they work the same for THC and CBD products?

As legalization becomes increasingly common across the nation, more and more cannabis consumers are turning to vape pens. These battery-powered devices come in a range of sizes, styles, and types. Some are activated by inhalation, while others require you to press a button.

If you’re curious about using vape pens for cannabis, keep reading; we’ve put together the top things to know about these devices:

They’re Discreet

Marijuana is sometimes described as loud, a term that refers to its pungent smell. It’s the kind of scent that is difficult to mask. However, you’ll find that when you switch to vape pens, this aroma is less noticeable. You may feel more comfortable carrying around a vape pen than a pocket full of joints. Just make sure your device is charged before you leave the house!

Stick To Regulated Products

Vape pens can be used with a variety of products, including wax and oil. They are most commonly used to vaporize extracts.

With any market, there are devices you can purchase that aren’t sold in stores. Often, they come with a less expensive price tag, which entices many vapers. But these black market products carry risks of their own. You can’t be certain whether chemicals or other additives were used in the manufacturing of these pens. Saving money on a vape pen isn’t worth the health risks. The safest bet is sticking to devices that are regulated, which you can find at your nearest cannabis store.

Watch The Temperature

The temperature of the vape pen will have a significant effect on your experience. The whole point of vaping is to avoid the combustion that results from smoking—but if your pen’s temperature is too high, you’ll end up combusting the product anyway! Look for a vape pen with temperature control settings. The hundreds of compounds in cannabis (including CBD and THC) activate at different temperatures, so you can experiment with the settings on your device until you find what works best. Depending on the kind of effect that you want from your product, aim to vape at a temperature between 325-430°F.

Vapor is Less Harmful than Smoke

When you use a vape pen, it heats the extract to a lower temperature than smoking it would. This is why vapor is produced instead of smoke, which results from combustion. When marijuana is combusted, it produces toxins like tar. This won’t be the case with a vape pen.

Since the vapor is created at lower temperatures, users won’t burn their throats as they inhale. You’re less likely to cough after a hit from a vape pen.

However, vaping is not 100% safe either. It’s important to educate yourself about the potential health effects of any consumption method when it comes to using THC or CBD products.

It’s Different Than Smoking A Joint

One thing to note about vape pens is that you should avoid chain-smoking, or taking multiple hits in rapid succession. This is common practice with joints; you want to make sure you inhale the flower before it burns away. But it can cause damage to your vape pen by burning the coil. It can also overheat the device and create combustion.

In addition, your average puff from a vape pen is more concentrated than the smoke that comes from a glass piece. Since vape pens are so easy to use, it can be easy to go a little overboard. Be mindful of how much you’re using, and wait until the first dose kicks in before you decide to take another hit.

Not only is the function of a pen different, but you’ll notice nuanced tastes when you inhale. All the subtle variations between strains are lost in the intense heat of the smoke. But with vaping, you can detect the terpenes of various flavors from strain to strain. It creates a dynamic taste that many vapers enjoy. The lower the temperature, the more you’ll taste the undertones of the extract.

You might be interested in vaping for several reasons: it’s easy to conceal, it’s convenient, and you can enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without smoking. If so, we hope this post has given you some guidance about vaping THC and CBD products.