Market Trends in the Vape Space

Hot Upcoming Products That You Must Have For Your Shop (Early 2018)

Best Vape Products for 2018

I hate Chinese New Year (CNY)! Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese culture but for an industry that depends so heavy on trendy products that mostly come from China, its crazy to see all that come to a halt for like a month. Not only that but CNY comes during Tax season when so many more customers will have more spending money.

So why did I go on a little rant about CNY? Well its because almost every month at least 50% of my sales are from 2 or 3 products that are hot that month. With nothing new being announced for a solid month, there is only “old” products to sell. In only a matter of months many products become obsolete and lose their profit margins.

But thankfuly that is coming to an end. I went to ECC in Ontario CA early Feb, 2018. There was a lot of hardware manufacturers there all showing unannounced products that will be officially announced post CNY, Pure gold.

Here are the products I feel you should prepare now for.

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5 Starter Kits That Won Customers In 2017

VapingZone, a leading E-Cig store in the USA, provided their list of top starter kits for new vapers from 2017. This article is a great resource for your shop sales staff and should give you good ideas on what new vapers are looking for in a starter kit.

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Vape Shop Marketing From A Millennial Shop Owner

Alex Boyd is a successful vape shop owner who has “millennial secrets” of the digital marketing age. As a featured guest at our “Vape Shop Master Summit” from June of 2016, he offered tips of the trade for almost every aspect of marketing a successful vape shop.

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The 5 Minute Vape Industry MBA

The 5 minute vape MBA

Read this if you want to skip MBA school and go right into the vape industry.

Look, I have an MBA. I wish it wasn’t true, but it was a complete waste of money. I’ve actually spent the last 4 years re-programming my brain to be an entrepreneur, not a corporate robot (which is what an MBA trains you to be).

That said, there are SOME things you can learn and apply to vaping.

I ran across this Twitter feed and was absolutely blown away by the value and clarity with which this person explains complex topics.

As I was reading it I immediately connected it to the vaping industry, so I wrote up this post with a “how this applies to vaping”.

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Can Your Juice Brand Continue To Grow In A Challenged Market?

Vape Industry Business Exchange

How do we stay competitive and ahead of the market as we face a new business environment like none we have ever seen? As little as a year or two ago it was easy to capture some market share. The only requirement…Just show up! Those days are gone. Some predict as much as 80% of the vape businesses in existence today will be gone in the next two years. Whatever the actual number, will you be one of them?

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The Best Vape Review Sites For Researching Products

In order to build a successful vape store, you must know your customer and know what they want. Vape review sites are the best way to do that. Unfortunately, researching the top box mods you need to stock in your vape shop is difficult. With the added headache of a continuous release of new vape mods on the market, you can easily see where this can all become overwhelming very quickly.

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The Vaping Bubble: Is it Inevitable?

This report was first published in the spring of 2014. There were many questions and not many answers then and the question of an impeding collapse of the brick and mortar and e-liquid markets has come up repeatedly. This is about the “B” word that no one wants to talk about. The proverbial “elephant in the…

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Be Part of Our Vape Radio Community

Over one year of productions, 500,000 worldwide downloads, plus more than 50 shows and 40,000 unique visitors each month; they all prove there is an audience that wants to know about the business of vaping. Join us here: Vape News Radio Podcast Norm BourNorm Bour is the founder of VapeMentors and the host of the award-winning…

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Tapping into Your “Natural” Market

If you have a vape shop or are planning to open one, you have a Natural Market. You may not know that, realize that or tap into it, but in a few minutes it will all make sense. WHO opens a Vape Store and why? Generational (age specific) differences are significant and here are the categories:…

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