Vape Regulation and The FDA

Prop E San Francisco 2018 Results

#noonprope #yesonprope results

In a demoralizing blow to the San Francisco tobacco harm reduction fight, the San Francisco flavored tobacco ban known as Proposition E passes with almost 70% in favor. San Francisco has chosen to let their small businesses fail and leave their cigarette addicted citizens with fewer options.

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Can Your Juice Brand Continue To Grow In A Challenged Market?

Vape Industry Business Exchange

How do we stay competitive and ahead of the market as we face a new business environment like none we have ever seen? As little as a year or two ago it was easy to capture some market share. The only requirement…Just show up! Those days are gone. Some predict as much as 80% of the vape businesses in existence today will be gone in the next two years. Whatever the actual number, will you be one of them?

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The Current FDA Deeming Regs

In April 2014, the FDA issued their latest Deeming Regulations. An updated decision is expected in summer of 2015. If you Google “vape” you’ll get 24.9M hits, up from 3.1M hits in May 2014. Wow. The word “vaping” will generate 10.2M hits, up from $1.7M hits at that same time. Those are meaningful numbers and shows that…

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Are Vapors and E-Cigarette Users Criminals?

Hear ye, Hear ye, this court is now in session. The city of (your city here) will now commence trial against (YOU!) for the charge of vaping in public… The jury has returned the verdict….30 days in jail. This may sound like a fantasy but it may come to reality as cities are copy-catting each…

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