Hear ye, Hear ye, this court is now in session. The city of (your city here) will now commence trial against (YOU!) for the charge of vaping in public…

The jury has returned the verdict….30 days in jail.

This may sound like a fantasy but it may come to reality as cities are copy-catting each other and following the lead of outlawing vaping and e-cigs in public. In Los Angeles you cannot vape in public on any city property, and that includes any piers that the city owns. This bill has been duplicated by many cities nationwide. Why the hell are they doing this?

Based on conversations with with politicians at all levels, here’s what they say.

– Even if they think that vaping is OK or are in favor (they may even be closet vapers…), they will not stick their necks out and say that publicly. They do not want to take any risk just in case any of these new-fangled smoking thingamajigs are dangerous.

– It’s easier to be a follower than be a rebel…especially for cities and politicians. If one city thinks this, then two, then three, why should I/ we be any different? They must know better, right? And what if I/ we approve it and they turn out to be dangerous? Sorry, not sticking my neck out.

How far will a city go to prosecute vapors for smoking in public? The offense in LA is a misdemeanor and Los Angeles follows New York, Boston, and Chicago and with a fine up to $1500. The question is, “Will they enforce it?

The public overall does not have much of an issue with vaping in public, especially if it’s really in a public setting, like on the street or at a sports stadium with almost a 65% approval rate. The numbers drop the smaller the contained space so airplanes and restaurants and such get about a 25% approval. (report link here)

How do we stop this trend?

  • · Normally apathetic people are now starting to take notice. Good. Even non-smokers are irked that cities and states are restricting smoking alternatives and they probably know someone that vapes or smokes and now their freedoms are being impaired.
  • · Among the normally apathetic, that may include me and you. We cannot do this. Politics is a pain; politics is a bore, yet you should know how to deal with this world. If your city is considering a ban, go to city council meetings and pay attention and share your voice. NOTE: Don’t be an a-hole and don’t vape there. Be respectful and polite and show that you are standing up for your/ our rights and not crying just to make a fuss.
  • · Write your local paper and any publications that will pay attention. By all means use US (VapeMentorS) to help your case since we have credibility, credentials and market presence.

The state map (download PDF report) shows places that have implemented state regulated actions but it is in flux and will always be updated. Are there any states that should be highlighted??

If you are not involved with www.CASAA.org, please visit their site. They advocate and speak for all of us and need your help.

What are the top questions you wished you asked or what do you wish you knew then that you know now? Can you avoid learning “the hard way?”