There’s no way an astute vape shop owner could fail to notice the fact that disposable vapes are the hottest vaping products in the world right now. The bottled e-liquid is languishing on your vape shop’s shelves for much longer than it once did, and it’s almost as if the entire vaping community migrated from pod systems to disposable vapes all at once. It’s just not easy to compete with modern disposables that offer as much nicotine as an entire carton of cigarettes while costing the same as one or two packs. There’s also the lack of required maintenance – nobody really enjoys filling pods and replacing coils, and disposable vapes completely eliminate the need to do those things.

Of course, you’re already well aware of the benefits of disposable vapes – so here’s the big question. At this point, you’ve almost certainly added a selection of disposables to your store. Are they actually selling, or have your customers failed to take notice? If disposable vapes aren’t flying off of the shelves at the rate you’d hoped they would, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting them from the right distributor. Every vaping distributor offers disposable vapes at wholesale prices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the products you’re offering to your customers are the right ones.

So, how can you tell if your vape shop is carrying the disposable vapes that your customers actually want? The technology in this segment of the vaping market is advancing at an extremely quick rate. These are the technologies that your customers want their disposable vapes to have.

Rechargeable Battery

By far, the biggest thing that customers look for in a disposable vape today is a high puff count. These days, manufacturers are releasing disposable vapes with the ability to deliver many thousands of puffs before they run out of e-liquid. The biggest selling point of those devices is that they hold drastically more vape juice than the previous generation of devices without being drastically larger in size or weight.

The reason why today’s disposable vapes can deliver thousands of puffs while remaining extremely small and pocketable is because e-liquid takes up almost all of the available space in these slightly larger devices. The battery cells have remained roughly the same size, and the reason why these devices can deliver so many puffs is because the cells are rechargeable. You can typically charge a rechargeable disposable vape several times before it runs out of e-liquid, and vapers don’t mind the inconvenience of recharging the devices because that’s the only maintenance they require. There’s nothing to refill, and there are no coils to replace.

For many people, rechargeable disposable vapes really hit the sweet spot in terms of offering the maximum possible performance with the minimum possible effort. If you aren’t carrying these devices in your vape shop, that’s why your selection of disposable vapes isn’t getting as much attention as it should.

Mesh Coil

Battery life isn’t the only area in which vapers are demanding greater performance from their disposable vapes these days. They’re also demanding bigger clouds and bolder flavors, and device makers have been happy to oblige. They’re releasing devices with increasingly impressive vapor production, and they’re doing it in the same way that vape tank makers have over the past few years. You’re well aware of the fact that adding a mesh coil is the best way to increase a device’s vapor production without increasing its power usage, and that’s exactly what the makers of disposable vapes have been doing recently.

In disposable vapes, mesh coils can serve two important purposes. In a device with high nicotine content, a mesh coil allows a disposable vape to supply more nicotine per puff than a smaller device. Even the smallest disposable vapes deliver quite a lot of nicotine thanks to the high potency of the e-liquid, but you may still have a few customers who haven’t quite managed to wean themselves completely off of cigarettes. A disposable vape with a mesh coil could provide the final push that helps those people get over the hump.

A mesh coil can also be useful in a disposable vape with a lower nicotine strength. When paired with a low-nicotine e-liquid, a mesh coil allows a disposable vape to produce huge clouds that are full of flavor – and just as satisfying – with reduced throat hit. This type of device can be a good option for customers who enjoy the convenience of disposable devices but experience throat irritation when using higher nicotine strengths.

Unique Flavors

The final thing that you absolutely must look for as you work to stock your vape shop with the best disposable vapes on the market is a unique flavor selection. E-liquid flavors aren’t really technologies in the strictest sense, but it’s definitely safe to say that there has been a bit of a flavor arms race among manufacturers over the past several years.

Because there are so many different disposable vapes on the market today, they really attract the types of customers who lose interest easily unless they’re supplied with a constant stream of new products to try. After all, one of the main selling points of disposable vapes is that they don’t tie you to a single device or flavor for more than a few days. That’s why companies are constantly releasing new models that are only slightly different from the old ones – they help to ensure that consumers never lose interest in the products.

You should also work hard as a vape shop owner to ensure that your customers don’t lose interest in your product selection. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have a consistent supply of the most popular devices and flavors, but it’s equally wise to make sure that people always have a steady stream of new products to try. Variety helps to ensure that people won’t lose interest and start buying their vape gear from a competitor.