Jon Brower

Owner and Founder of Waldo Vapes
Waldo, Missouri

“I started working with VapeMentors just before I opened my business and honestly it was one of the best decisions I have made. Norm is a priceless sounding board. Any idea you have that you think sounds good, but may or may not be good — just bounce it off Norm and he is going to make you think about things from the right point of view.

Over the past year we have continually been hitting our revenue numbers of $1,000 per day and we have a reputation as the shop with the best selection of e-liquids and great customer service. When employees of other vape shops come to Waldo Vapes, that says something. Other opportunities continually come our way and we rely on Norm and VapeMentors to sift thriough what makes sense and what doesn’t.

At this point we are teaming up with an e-liquid company and another retail space to distribute products through various outlets, including Waldo Vapes.”