Legalities and Realities

Social media is the most powerful marketing opportunity for small business that has ever been available to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately the vape industry is highly regulated in regards to what can and cannot be done online.

Whether it’s the FDA, FTC or the social media platform’s own terms and conditions… there is a lot to know about how to properly stay in compliance.

This presentation will help you and your entire digital media team manage social media for your vape shop.

Part 1: Tracy Marshal from Keller & Heckman

Tracy is a partner at Keller & Heckman, a well known and respected law firm in the vape industry. She outlines what digital media laws regulate the vape industry. It may surprise you to know that the FTC also affects what vape business owners can and can’t do online.

Part 2: Jesse Plautz from VapeMentors

In partnership with Riley Legaspi from SMPL media, Jesse gives you the practical and operational side of social media management. This lesson will help your digital media team use social media in a way that builds your brand while also avoiding penalties from social platforms.

Digital Media Policy Doc

Also provided in this lesson is a template you can use to create a digital media policy (DMP’s) for your vape shop. A DMP will help you keep your online message consistent while also ensuring your digital media team is not posting things that are not desire-able or even legal.

Download The File Here >>>