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March 2015

Dirty Little Vape Shop Secrets

by Norm Bour

Some vape shops won’t survive. Here’s why.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I now coach and mentor vape space entrepreneurs. Across the country, there are several thousand vape shops participating in this $3.5 billion industry. Some are doing extremely well, many are getting along OK and some, unfortunately are failing… Read more


February 2015

Mastering the Vape Space

by Norm Bour

When we think of those who have the power to save people’s lives, we usually think of just one category: doctors. These magicians of medicine spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years in school to learn what they know. The irony is that hospitals and doctors have a high risk of failure… Read more


January 2015

Trends for the Year 2015

by Norm Bour

By the time you read this the New Year will be right around the corner. Regardless of how long you’ve been involved in the Vape Space, it is different than it was the beginning of 2014, certainly different than the start of 2013, and you can be damn sure that 12 months from now we’ll be sharing this same observation… Read more


January 2015

How Many Vape Shops Are There in the U.S.A.?

by Norm Bour

You have asked yourself that question as have people all over the country. That question started me on my journey as a consultant in this industry in 2013 and
kept me up countless nights. Looking back just more than a year ago (or longer) no one really had any ideas as to the “how many?” question, but as this industry grows and matures, some metrics and resources are growing along with it… Read more


December 2014

You Say You Want a Revolution

by Norm Bour

In 1968 the Beatles asked that question and said, “We all want to change the world,” and that is what all of us in the Vape Space are doing. Whether we are consumers, users or aficionados of e-cigs or mods, we are changing the world. If you have a brick and mortar shop or make liquid or accessories, you are not only part of the Revolution, but you are spearheading the EVOLUTION as well… Read more


March 2014

Stepping Outside the Box

by Norm Bour

There always is something new in this very exciting vape market. Whether you are a novice, just thinking about getting into the vape space, or maybe you are an old pro with a whopping couple of years under your belt, there always are new ways to reinvent and market yourself. Since I have nationwide coverage, we get input and feedback from all over the United States and from overseas. I wanted to share some observations that you may be able to use… Read more