Traveling is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite joys of life, regardless of whether you plan a long trip around the globe or heading on a weekend trip. Your travel itinerary might be short or lengthy, but one of the most significant aspects of travel comes right before you leave the house: the preparation process.

You might have to leave behind your home’s familiarity, but keeping at least all your must-haves near at hand is the key to enjoying a trip. For most vapers, this means packing their favorite vaping gear to have a relaxing vape session. However, traveling with your vape is not as simple as throwing the device in your bag and heading on to your journey. You need to understand the travel guidelines, how to pack the vape device and a few other crucial details about carrying the equipment.

Here’s bringing you nine crucial tips about traveling with your vape.

1.  Know the Local Laws about Vaping Beforehand.

In the United States of America, the vaping laws are like the smoking regulations, at least for a consumer. You are allowed to purchase vaping products from vape shops, or anywhere tobacco is sold, and basically, you are allowed to vape at all places where you can smoke.

However, don’t think that this is true for every country. Many nations have specific laws related to vaping, and in many cases, local laws show more leniency towards smoking compared to vaping. Keep the following things in mind before traveling internationally with the vape gear in your bag:

  • Vaping is completely banned in many nations. For instance, you are not allowed to vape in Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, and India.
  • There are a few nations that allow vaping, but the sale of e-liquid containing nicotine is not permitted. Countries like Norway, Australia, and Japan fall under this category. However, in some instances, nations that do not allow the sale of nicotine-containing e-liquid might still let you import the vape juice for your personal use.
  • Some countries might ban vaping in cars or the public. The general rule is that you are not allowed to vape at any place where you cannot smoke.

It is important to note that knowing the local vaping laws before traveling lies on you, not your destination country. You would not want to be that traveler who has to pay a hefty fine for vaping in public or has his costly vape gear confiscated at the airport.

Remember that vaping is still changing and developing, and even the local customs and laws about vaping can change within months. Be a responsible traveler and know the local laws before making sure that you don’t need to go smoke free.

2.  Follow This Ultimate Packing List for Your Vaping Gear.

The vape gear is one of the travel necessities for a passionate vaper, much like the underwear, socks, or the phone charger. Imagine leaving the battery behind and bringing everything else. Here is the ultimate packing list to make sure that you remember all the things you need to enjoy vaping on your travels:

  • The vaping device (possibly something ultra-portable and compact)
  • All the removable parts, such as tanks, drip tips, and batteries
  • The device charger, and a car charger if you have it
  • Extra set of batteries, in case you don’t get a chance to recharge
  • Extra wicks and coils (or wire and cotton for RDAs)
  • Enough e-liquid to last the entire duration (bring two extra bottles, if one is lost or spilled)
  • A sturdy carrying case
  • Paper towels or wipes for drips or leaks

Take a screenshot of this packing list or copy it in your travel diary. Just make sure you don’t forget anything that is on this list.

3.  Pack It the Right Way to Prevent Damages and Leaks.

The worst thing that can happen to a vaper on a trip is to reach the destination and notice that the vape device has failed to make it through their journey. Vape juices leaking all over your clothes do not just ruin your shirts or dresses.

This damage can create troubles with the functionality of the device, and also lead to safety issues. You need to pack things carefully and prevent such a horrible situation. The disappointment and costs of spilled vape juice and a ruined device can be avoided by taking just a couple of precautions in the packing process.

  • Do not let the e-cigarette roll around loosely in the purse or bag because this can cause dents, cracks, and even accidental fires.
  • Spend on a good-quality sleeve or carrying case for the vape device. Keep the carrying case in the interior pocket of your backpack or purse.
  • Store the batteries safely to avoid short-circuiting and damages.
  • Make sure that all the bottles of e-liquids are tightly closed. When carrying several bottles with you at once, put padding between them to make sure they don’t break.

Follow these simple tricks while packing your vaping kit, and you can be assured that there will be no spilling or leaking to deal with afterward.

4.  Know the Rules of Vaping in the Airport before going.

You can generally vape in all those places in an airport where you can smoke. You must know the rules of the airport before pulling out the vape pen. Keep in mind that many airports all over the world have completely banned smoking within the security perimeters. This means you will have to enjoy the last vape before entering the airport in an outdoor smoking area.

If your flight has a stopover at some airport before taking you to your destination, you will have to leave the perimeter to vape and go through the security check once again. However, a couple of airports still have observation decks and smoking lounges where you can vape at ease.

5.  Follow the Common Legal Guidelines for Traveling With Vapes.

You can travel by plane with vape juices and e-cigarettes, but there are a couple of standard guidelines that you need to keep in mind. These simple rules are followed by every country, regardless of where you are going to and from where.

  • Batteries and vape devices must go in the carry-on luggage. Like most other devices that use lithium-ion batteries, these are not allowed inside the checked baggage.
  • Carry-on liquids have to follow the rule of 3-1-1, which means containers have to be three ounces or less, the boxes should all fit in a 1-quart bag, and one person can only carry one of these bags.
  • The airport experience will be better if all the liquids are kept in their actual, labeled containers. If the officers at the airport ask you any questions, you can simply show them the information on the labels.
  • Disconnect the removable batteries and keep them in their original box.

There is no flight anywhere that will let you vape onboard. Any vaping session has to be completed before boarding. Trying to sneak a vaping session in the restroom of the flight can land you in significant trouble. Don’t break the rules and wait till you reach the destination.

6.  Keep in Mind the Issue of Elevation Changes in a Flight.

When traveling with the vape gear, remember that the pre-filled pods and tanks will have to face elevation changes. As the air expands at higher altitudes, the expanding air can push the e-liquid right out of the full tanks. Empty all the tanks before getting up on that flight.

If your vaping device has pre-filled pods, you obviously cannot empty the pod before boarding the flight. It is essential to keep in mind that vape pods can leak a little at higher elevations.

If you are sure that you’ll get pods for your device at the destination, then don’t take too many pods with you. Simply buy the extra pods on reaching the destination.

Are you going to a place where you’re going to do mountain driving? Even that is an elevation high enough to make the vape tank leak. Think of how disappointing it is to reach out for the vaping device to find that it has emptied all its content into your favorite scarf. Thus when you are at high altitudes, minimize the risk of leaking by making the vape tank either completely or half empty.

7.  Points to Remember When Traveling By Bus or Train.

You will still need to keep a few things in mind if you travel by bus or train. Here are the three-pointers for those traveling on the ground:

  • Pack all the items carefully, possibly with a soft cloth or towel wrapped around the device for added protection.
  • Keep the device and vape juice in a space in your bag where you can easily reach. You would be able to get it out whenever you feel like vaping on the way.
  • Even when you are on a train or bus, use the original packaging for the items as a safety measure.

The packing tips will come in handy regardless of which mode of transport you use.

8.  Do Not Lose Your Patience While Explaining.

Don’t assume that everyone is going to understand what you are carrying. Vaping is becoming increasingly common, but many people are yet to know about it. Moreover, if you have a unique or extensive vape kit, most people would not know what it is.

Though traveling with vape devices should not cause any problems, there might be airport staff who don’t understand it. You might need to spend a little more time than usual to explain your vaporizer and its components, but don’t let that affect your mood.

Remember that you can have no problems as long as you have followed all the rules and haven’t done anything silly. Don’t be annoyed and lose your cool because of this minor glitch in the journey. Be calm and handle it with patience.

9.  Remember to Take Precautions for the Mod and the Clearomizer.

The journey from the checkout area to the cargo hold of the airplanes is full of bumps. The battery is not the sole reason to take the mod with you, especially if you carry an electronic mod. No one wants to be greeted with the nasty surprise of having e-liquid spilled all over the suitcase.

You will have to be careful about the clearomizer and put it in the regulatory liquids bag. Atomizer, tank, and clearomizer might still contain e-liquid. The security control will ask you to put it in the right bag. Now that you know it in advance separate the mod from the tank to make it take up less space. It is a different story with the AIO kits because they must go entirely in the regulatory liquids bag.

The final bit of advice is about the batteries, which are crucial and yet easily forgotten. Whether you use rechargeable batteries to get your vape device going or have to pack a couple of spares, make sure you have not left them behind you. After you have packed the batteries, double-check and triple-check to ensure that you haven’t forgotten them. Being stuck miles away with a dead battery in the vaporizer is not something anyone would want.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your vape device will be much easier now that you have these nine handy tips to guide you. You have nothing to worry about as long as you follow the rules and pack the device and the juices in the right manner—research all you can about your destination’s vaping laws and invest in a good packing case.