Jason Hambrecht Speakeasy Vaporium

Owner and Founder of Speakeasy Vaporium
Frenandina Beach, Florida

If it wasn’t for Norm, I would have opened an “average” vape shop. Norm helped me cultivate a unique vision that I would not have come up with on my own.

Everyone who comes into Speakeasy Vaporium is blown away by the culture and space we created. Norm has a unique talent in business that is very hard to find. His ideas have actually blended into my construction company as well.

Norm’s advice sparked several local newspapers and magazines to publish articles on both companies. Speakeasy Vaporium even made the front page of the Jacksonville Business Journal!

Money is always tight when you are opening a new business and the thought of paying for a consultant scares most people. Don’t be one of those people. I sincerely believe that Norm’s services have already paid for themselves five times over and we have only been open for nine weeks. If you are serious about opening a vape shop the right way, do yourself a favor and get Norm and VapeMentors on your team from the very beginning. I highly recommend them which is not a statement I make too often.


 Jon Brower of Waldo VapesJon Brower

Owner and Founder of Waldo Vapes
Waldo, Missouri

“I started working with Norm just before I opened my business and honestly it was one of the best decisions I have made. Norm is a priceless sounding board. Any idea you may have that you think sounds good, but may or may not be good, just bounce it off Norm and he is going to make you think about things from the right point of view”


Chris - Route 1 Vapors - Seabrook, New HampshireChris

Owner and Founder of Route 1 Vapors
Seabrook, New Hampshire

“Norm knows business, he knows vaping, he knows strategy, planning, branding…everything. Norm was willing to work at my own pace, whether I wanted to move more quickly or get more detailed information about certain things.

Norm was totally on my side, looking out for me in every aspect of the business, so if you are thinking about opening up a vape store or you need more information, I highly recommend Norm and Vape Mentors.”


 Greg Elliot and Wendy Cadet

Greg Elliot and Wendy Cadet

Inventor of Medeaux Hookahs
Miami, Florida


“Norm taught us how to speak to our target customers. As new business owners we needed coaching on what to say and how to say it, and how to feel comfortable. Norm gave us the confidence and the knowledge to speak to people about our product. Norm makes himself available to us through Skype and email. Even though he’s across the country, it still feels like he’s right here with us. We are very happy with Norm and the information he has given us.”



Dave Leckness

Dave Leckness

Mayor Pro-Tem
City of Mission Viejo, California



I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in working with and within the City of Mission Viejo over all these years. It’s refreshing to work with someone of your caliber with a keen understanding of the business world as well as working within the halls of city departments and city council. As the former mayor and someone that has known you for several decades it’s a pleasure working with you professionally and personally. And since I’ve also known you as a speaker and trainer you always impressed me with your ability to connect with your students and audience, so keep up the good work.

Its people like you who make Mission Viejo great.

NOTE: We have been to their city council meetings several times to speak about vape shops in their city and how they can–and should–work with them

Mike Henn - Newport Beach Council MemberMike Henn

City Council Member
Mayor 2010 – 2011
Newport Beach, California


As Mayor of Newport Beach at the time you led the small business coaching program for our City, I want to thank you again for the success of that program. The feedback I got from the Chamber of Commerce, city staff and business owners that participated in the program was very favorable, particularly with respect to you and your team. As both a seasoned businessman and an elected official I realize that sometimes business and politics don’t mix, but our experience was uniformly positive. Thanks again.



Keith Curry - Mayor of Newport BeachKeith Curry

City of Newport Beach, California


Norm works in a collaborative way to identify the needs of his clients, and to  meet them in an effective way to get results.  He understands the process of government and translates it well to his clients.


Vicky-BaxterVicky Baxter

Executive Director of Downtown Inc.
Santa Ana, California
Hi Norm,
Having had the pleasure of working with and in partnership with Norm Bour, I can say he is extremely professional to do business with. Norm is an inspiring coach for business professionals having led several entrepreneurial training events in Santa Ana and throughout Orange County.   He has given tips on the “30 second product speech”,  to assisting my Board of Directors at their annual retreat to establish their vision and run with it.  He has a way of connecting with the audience and delivering messages with impact that reinforce the mission and goals. We have worked collaboratively several times and he has a wonderful way of empowering while challenging individuals to be outstanding communicators.  I hardily endorse Norm’s skills as a connector of the dots and orator.  He gets past the rhetoric and doesn’t waste time.  He quickly and concisely offered a business strategy for our nonprofit that allowed us to move forward without falling prey to some pretty broad “challenges”.   

Reatha CorbettReatha H. Corbett

Corbett Business Services


“I’ve gotten to know Norm Bour over the last couple of years, as a trainer, a speaker and a fellow Toastmaster and I can say on all three he scores high points. He spoke at an event for me in 2012 and did a great presentation that entertained as well as informed, and his techniques and position as a business strategist and trainer and teacher were powerful and eye-opening.”