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Why are some shops making $20,000 a month and easily hitting their sales goals while others are wondering when their doors will close?

The question is loaded, and perhaps there is not an easy answer, but there is a straightforward solution brought to you by the E-Myth Method of business management.

In 1986, Michael Gerber’s wrote a book called “The E-Myth”. Its concepts dealt with the differences between so-called “technicians” and actual business owners.There is a HUGE difference, and the ideas are just as accurate today as they were back then.

The vape industry is crawling with “technicians”

Many shop owners are experts in hardware, e-liquids, mods, builds and accessories. Anyone can learn that on the E-Cig forum.

But how many of them know how to manage a business, lead a team and deliver results?

Here is where the E-Myth method really kicks in.

Being It (The Disciplines) and Doing It (The Activities)

Your business is an ecosystem – a living thing made up of people and systems.

The challenge is to get all the parts working seamlessly so your business can grow
without consuming your life.

Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem today or are doing some long term planning, the E-Myth method is designed to help you “know where you are” so your work has the greatest possible effect.

When you work with an E-Myth coach you will be taken through the 7 dynamics of a successful business, and forced to answer for each one.

The 7 dynamics are below, and they are broken down into disciplines and activities.

The Disciplines

  • Leadership
  • Branding
  • Finance
  • Management

The Activities

  • Delivering the product
  • Sales
  • Marketing

The 7 dynamics are part of a larger ecosystem that can give you direction and guidance in your business, and force you to make hard realizations.


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