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Metal smoking pipes have been used since the 17th century in countries like China, where smoking has long been a sign of class and sophistication. Although these first metal smoking pipes were used by merchants and nobility, today anyone can enjoy these durable and stylish pipes. Modern incarnations of these noble pipes come in an array of metals, styles, and functions. Still, as the cannabis space continues to grow rapidly and consumer expectations increase, many wonder how the metal smoking pipe will keep up. Read on to learn about the benefits of metal smoking pipes, how they stack up with other accessories, and where they’re headed in the future.

Benefits of Metal Smoking Pipes

We refer to metal smoking pipes as “The Immortals” on account of their sturdiness. These pipes are nearly impossible to break, plus they age like fine wine when crafted from high-quality materials. If you are a fan of the rustic look, then you’ll love the patina or tarnish your metal smoking pipe develops over the years. Of course, the look and feel of these pipes aren’t all they have going for them, they also offer:

  • Durability – You can count your metal smoking pipe to make it through thick and thin!
  • Functionality – The material allows them to provide unique functions like magnetic components, protective lids, and more!
  • Special features – Depending on the make and brand, you can enjoy features like screenless technology or bowls that light from the bottom.
  • Modular design – Most metal smoking pipes have bodies that disassemble for easy cleaning and the inclusion of add-ons that customize your smoking experience.

How They Compare to Other Pipes

As they are, these pipes can stand the test of time and take just about anything you throw at them. Both the build and the lifespan these pipes offer make them superior to many other smoking accessories on the market. Granted that these pipes vary in price point, it isn’t difficult to find these pipes for every budget and preference. Whether you are looking for a specific look, material or features, there’s a metal smoking pipe out there for you. However, as materials and technology evolve the outlook for metal smoking pipes is promising. More durable and lightweight metals ideal for crafting accessories are one of the many things we see in our cannabis crystal ball for metal smoking pipes.

What’s to Come for Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal smoking pipes sometimes get a bad rap because of the negative connotations many smokers have with metal. Therefore, the future of these pipes will see the use of high-quality, medical-grade metals that are completely safe to smoke from and more resistant. Not only will this help ease the mind of cannabis smokers, but it will also help significantly increase the lifespan of metal smoking pipes. As the cannabis space evolves and trends continue to change the cannabis experience, you can also expect to see more modular metal smoking pipes that allow for total customization. Essentially, it will be simple to transform your piece, for instance turning your hand pipe into a bong or your metal smoking pipe into a vape. As demands increase, brands will continue to innovate, and metal smoking pipes will evolve to meet the current needs.

Time to Enjoy

While these pipes may have shorter histories than wooden, stone or bone pipes, their future is far more bright. Innovative materials and upcoming cannabis trends will dictate the future of metal smoking pipes. Cannabis users can look forward to more customizable experiences with these pipes, as well as accessories that are ideal for on-the-go use. In a modern world where cannabis users have their pick of accessories, metal smoking pipes won’t have to fight hard to keep their place in every smoker’s collection.