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We’ve seen some pretty bizarre trends throughout the history of the Internet. But one of the latest and strangest is this one: people are putting random liquids in their vaping devices.

This is the type of trend that you’re better off skipping. As a rule of thumb, don’t put anything in your vape device that it isn’t compatible with. Doing so can damage it, and you, (and it probably won’t taste very good).

If you’re new to vaping, or curious about trying it, there’s a lot to learn. But don’t worry: in this post, we’ll break down what you can put in your vape pen, from infused e-juices to extracts.


Vape pens, pod mods, and cigalikes—the different types of vapes might seem confusing at first. However, each of them requires the same thing: e-juice.

E-liquids come in a few different formats:

●       Nicotine-free: If you’re trying to quit smoking, but you need to simulate your habit somehow, nicotine-free e-juice is a great way to do so. Not to mention, these liquids come in all kinds of delicious flavors. There’s no shortage of unconventional mixes on the market, from peanut butter to roast chicken-flavored e-liquid.

●       E-juice with nicotine: Swap out cigarettes for a vape pen with nicotine-infused e-liquid. You can customize how much nicotine is in the juice for a stronger or weaker effect. Strengths can range from 3-50 mg/ml.

●       CBD or THC vape juice: A newer product on the market is cannabis in the form of e-juice. It’s a discreet way of consuming cannabis that offers the same effects as vaping concentrates or dried herb. When your e-liquid is infused with CBD or THC, you won’t have to bother tracking down dried flower or concentrates.

If your vape device is disposable, toss it out once the juice is depleted. Other devices can be refilled over and over—you’ll just need to clean them.

To activate the device, either click a button or simply inhale. And just for caution’s sake, check the product’s instructions to make sure your preferred brand of e-juice is safe to vape with it.

Dried Cannabis

Skip the combustion and tar that comes along with smoking by switching to a marijuana vape. A dry cannabis vaporizer is just what you need to consume CBD or THC without coughing up a lung. The vapor that the device produces is a much cooler smoke, which is gentler on the throat.

Some vape devices use conduction to heat the flower (direct heat), while others use convection (indirectly heated air). The latter tends to be more expensive. Either way, you’ll notice that vaping weed produces a less strong odor than smoking it does. And thanks to the lack of combustion, it’s easier to taste subtle variations of flavor in different strains.

On a dry herb vape pen, you usually have more temperature control than most devices. This is because different cannabinoids activate at different temperatures, so you can control the experience based on the desired effect. Lower temperatures = less intense effects. Be careful not to turn the temperature too high, or you’ll end up combusting the bud.

Concentrates/ Extracts

These devices won’t work with a typical gram of bud. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a concentrate like shatter, badder, or wax; a solid form of cannabis that’s usually light brown. Shatter is firm, whereas badder (or budder) is softer and stickier. You may need to experiment to find out what form of extract you prefer.

Dab pens are popular since they’re portable, discrete, and fast-acting. Put the product directly in the heating chamber and you’re good to go. In the past, you needed a blowtorch and a bong to consume extracts. A vape pen is a much easier way of doing so.

Be warned: these extracts are more potent than most strains of bud. If you stick to CBD, then you won’t need to worry—but those who like THC should buckle up for an intense experience. Use a small ball of the concentrate for your first hit, and wait to see how you feel before loading up another.

Make sure that you purchase extracts from a licensed retailer. Unregulated products may contain vitamin E acetate, a chemical that’s been associated with lung illness.

When you purchase a vape pen, make sure you know what it’s meant to be used with. These devices are set to heat to certain temperatures, meaning that they aren’t compatible with just any substance.

Stay away from the online trends of putting unconventional liquids in your vape device, from vodka to essential oils. Even vaping water can pose a health risk—your device is meant to heat thicker e-juices. Water heats at a lower temperature, meaning that by the time it reaches your throat, it could cause burns.

We hope that this guide helps you find what will work best in your vaping device. When your vape is filled with the right e-juice or cannabis product, your experience will be as smooth as your next puff.