Vape Radio 45: 2014 Review – What Worked, What Didn’t

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

Time Topic
1:05 The year in review:
What to celebrate: continued growth of the industry, vaping becoming more mainstream and helping millions more people.
What worked? The maturation of the industry and the professionalism
What did not? media still a problem/ city politics/ ignorant critics
4:40 Are you in the military? Are you in Afghanistan? Write us to get a free scholarship to VAPE U
5:10 Vape U: 6 Pillars of Vape success: talk about it AND largest trainers and educators in the vape space. Are you curious, interested or serious??
7:05 NJOY Artists series: 5 from different: attendees of Vape U will be drawn at random
Masters of Vape: those who are crushing it
Master of Vape contest: Who are the best liquid companies out there?
7:25 Vaping going mainstream: has been my mission in 2015 and will get a chance in Daytona…Racing has been an entrée to many what we would call “vices.” Big Tobacco owns NASCAR and has their fingers and logos) on many other race series, including the drag racing world.
9:55 TPC in 2 weeks: what is that all about?? Tobacco Plus Convenience. How many events this year? 29 on my list and all but 2 are USA. How many are worth attending? About 1/3 of them. I’ll be offering a special report on How to get the most out of events.
11:40 Premium Program in March called VapeMasters: Lifetime access to special content NOT on the web site for free.
12:10 Introduction to guests Randy Freer with P.O.E.T.S. and Josh Krane with Craft Vapery

Norm Bour:

Welcome to Vape Radio, the voice of vaping. I am your host, Norm Bour. This is our first show of 2015 so happy holidays to everyone. We’re wishing you an amazing 2015 because you know what, there are lots of really awesome things in store for you in this wonderful vape space as we call it.

As we roll into our second year on Vape Radio we are absolutely ecstatic to know that were are really getting some traction on a worldwide level. Before I get into that I want to maybe taking that a little pause and take a look at the year in review. I was listening to another podcast because I listen to a lot of them. They were celebrating the last year and they talked about what worked, what didn’t work, and what they wanted to celebrate. I’m going to break Vape Radio here into that same segment as far as what do we have to celebrate in the world of vaping.

Obviously the continued growth of the industry. We have seen the vaping industry go from a fringe element just a handful of years ago to now, what is projected to be a three billion dollar and growing behemoth. For those of you who are in the vape space, congratulations. Now it’s time to be strategic and grow. For those of you who are looking to get into the vape space, now is the time to get in. Don’t think it’s too late. Don’t think the ship has left, because that is absolutely not the case.

What else do we have to celebrate? One, I love the fact that vaping is becoming more mainstream and it’s helping that many millions more people. I’m going to talk about that in just a moment on some of the things that are involved in the mainstreaming of vaping. Let’s look at the jobs that have been created. Oh my gosh. You’re talking about lots and lots of brick and mortars and e-liquid companies and importers and wholesalers. There are probably thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs that have been created through the vaping industry. That is awesome for this economy as we’re still kind of recovering from the aftermath of 2008.

What worked in 2014? The maturation of the industry and the professionalism. When I got in not all that long ago, maybe 18, 19 months ago, I saw an industry that was primarily run by, hate to be offensive but amateurs, people who really didn’t know what they were doing. At one time you could get away with that, but you know what guys, that is not the case anymore. The industry is changing. It has changed, and what you’re seeing is people with more money, with more experience, and with more focus, and they are entering this industry. This is going to be what takes us to the top.

On the downside, what did not work in this industry? We’re still fighting the law, and the law is possibly winning. The jury’s still out on that. We still don’t know exactly where the FDA comes into this conversation. We have some states that are becoming a little bit idiotic. We certainly have a lot of cities that are getting on this bandwagon about vaping in public. Some of them are actually restricting vaping inside vape stores themselves, which is really a shame.

The big one, the really big one, and I hate to say this because I’m part of it, a big part of what did not work is still the media. Media loves controversy. Media loves dirty laundry. When something that’s considered to be third page news happens in the vape space, suddenly it’s front page news on all of the Google feeds that I get.

For those of you who are in the media, here’s what I ask of you. Don’t be ignorant. Get knowledgeable, get smart. Don’t have knee-jerk reactions. It’s great that you’re looking for bylines. It’s great that you’re looking for great stories about the poor kid who ingested nicotine and he gets sick. Yeah, but what about the dozens and hundreds of kids who ingest all kinds of other things and they get sick, too? Let’s give vaping a fair chance. Is that not too much to ask? I’m going to go ahead and put 2014 aside and move into 2015 and share with you some interesting stats that are happening on Vape Radio.

We are crossing over 270,000 downloads since April. I just took a look at our stats for January and I’m absolutely pleased and impressed and happy as all hell to think that we are going to cross over 50,000 downloads. For those of you who are listening in the United States, our number one market, in Great Britain, our number two market, and certainly for those of you in Afghanistan, I still want to know who the hell are you. Where are you people in Afghanistan? Our guess is, and all the people I’ve talked to, you’re probably military, and God bless you for doing what you’re doing over there. If you are military and if you are listening to this show in Afghanistan, please write us because we are rolling out our online course called Vape U and I’m offering five free scholarships to active military. First priority goes to you grunts overseas in Afghanistan.

Let’s talk about Vape U, which is six pillars to vape space success. This is an online course unlike anything you’ve ever seen, because nothing like this has ever existed. It’s something that I’ve been working on for a year, gotten a lot of input from dozens and dozens of people. Really what it comes down to is it’s a six-part series. It’s a webinar every single week that takes you from developing your strategy to understanding your competitive positioning, to understanding the products to sell and the products not to sell, working with the law. It’s got all those things involved with it, and also the world of social media.

If you are in the vape space and you’re not crushing it, I would encourage you to check out Vape U. If you are maybe still curious or maybe you’re still interested or maybe you’re beyond, maybe you’re absolutely serious, we would love for you to participate in Vape U. We still have a hundred dollar price discount if you register before the end of January so I would encourage you to go to

Here’s how we’re going to tie Vape U together with the subject matter today. I actually have two awesome people in my studio right now and I’m going to show you a picture of them for those of you who are watching on YouTube. I’m going to go ahead and as we get into section number two and section number three, I’m going to introduce you to them a little bit more clearly. We have one of the developers of one of the juices in what we call the Artist Collection.

Now I’ve spoken about this several times. This is a craft, craft package of e-Liquids that has been put together by NJOY, a company that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. What we’re doing for members of Vape U is I was actually given three samples of the Artist Series. You know what? I don’t know what to do with them so … Just a joke of course. I got lots of things to do with them. There’s a lot of people who want them. The truth is that for those of you who are members of Vape U who join our first program, I’m going to be doing a drawing. One of the winners is going to be getting a free sample of the Artist Collection and we’re going to be talking about that, again, in section number two and section number three.

Rather than call this show number 15, because I break up into three segments, this is actually show number 45. If you’re making a note, be sure that you listen to show number 46, and 47.

I want to talk to you a little bit more about the vaping going mainstream. This actually has been on my plate for quite some time, and my big mission of 2015 is to really take vaping into the mainstream. That means bringing advertisers, bringing sponsors into both the radio show and Vape News Magazine that are not just vape-related. I would love to see Budweiser. I would love to see one of the alcohol or tequila companies be an advertiser, because you know what, the people in the vape space, they absolutely use your product, so this is a chance for you to really tap into someone who recognizes the fact that you are breaking outside the box.

Here’s something interesting. Not so much anymore, but I used to be a major car racing fan. Once upon a time I lived in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is one of the prime spots for racing here in the United States, and I actually worked at the race track during the Daytona 500 and the 24 Hours of Daytona. It just so happens that I’m going to do down there. It’s going to be the end of January and it just so happens that the CEO of Molecule Lab, Guasch, is a professional race car driver, and he is going to be racing in the 24 Hours of Daytona.

Why is this important? Because it really piggybacks on my mission of trying to take vaping into the mainstream and to 2015. Now you have millions if not tens of millions of eyeballs that are watching the screen, that they’re going to be listening on the radio, that are now going to be saying, “What is that Cuttwood car all about? What the hell is a Cuttwood?”

Cuttwood is one of the sponsors of the Molecule Lab car. Really what we’re seeing is we’re seeing the transition of vaping, which has been fringe, integrating itself to the mainstream, which is car racing. Here’s what’s interesting. This is not new for car racing, guys. Car racing has been one of the major, major outlets for vices for decades. Where do you think tobacco first entered the scene? Where do you think alcohol first entered the scene? A lot of the sponsors on the automobile racing circuit, they are big tobacco. You know what? I’m not sure if big tobacco wants to necessarily put their slogans and their monikers on the car races anymore because they see that they’re losing market share. That’s why they’ve gone into the e-cig market. Why not join the team and why not start sponsoring race cars? This is part of what I see happening probably over the next two years is the integration of vaping and mainstream racing, which is really going to be awesome.

I want to share with you an event that going to be going to in two weeks. It’s called TPC, which stands for Tobacco Plus Convenience. What’s interesting about the vaping industry is, again, it used to be fringe and we’ve got two different sectors. We’ve got the e-cig market, which is very heavily dominated by the major players both independent and big tobacco, and they have a lot of outlets out there. They’ve got the C stores; they’ve got the Wal-marts; they’ve got the Costcos. You also have the other side, which is what we call the VTM market, which is the vapor tanks and mods market, which is kicking assess and taking market share away from the e-cig market.

This Tobacco Plus Convenience expo that I’m going to be going to in Las Vegas the end of this month will be interesting because I believe that we’re going to see probably half if not two-thirds of the vendors being not in the tobacco world but in the vaping world. It’s going to be interesting to see how much more integration vaping has into the mainstream through the 7-11s and AM-PMs and mini markets and all those different things out there. Because those are all things that are going to start getting this into the eyes and the hands of the people out there.

Where I see market going is the grassroots effort of people in support of vaping I think is going to speak louder and louder as every year goes by. As more and more people know someone who quit smoking and maybe was able to kick a lifelong habit, and now that they see that their friends or their relatives or their parents or their kids have stopped smoking, you’re going to see people start asking, “Why are you making this so challenging? Why are you making this so difficult?” Again, these are awesome things that are happening in what we call a very dynamic vape space.

Lastly, I want to mention a program that VapeMentors is going to be rolling out in March. This is going to be a premium program. It’s going to be called VapeMasters. The question is, is would you like to be a vape master? It’s a lifelong access to special content that’s going to be developed specifically for people who are part of the VapeMasters program. If you have any questions on that you just go ahead and get a hold of us through or give us a call or link to us through the website.

That’s the end of my spiel for what was 2014 and as we roll into 2015. I’m going to make a very quick introduction to Randy Freer. Randy would you like to say hi to our audience?

Randy Freer:

Hello. Thank you, Norm.

Norm Bour:

Randy is with POET, which stands for?

Randy Freer:

Pursuit of Excellent Taste.

Norm Bour:

Pursuit of Excellent Taste. Excellent. We’re going to find out why Randy is here in our studio and who the heck he is. Then we also have Josh Krane from Craft Vapory.

Josh Krane:

Hey, how are you, Norm?

Norm Bour:

Excellent. Why are you here, Josh?

Josh Krane:

I’m not entirely sure but I’m totally enjoying it. I think I’m here because we’re the official subscription partner for NJOY’s Artist Collection.

Norm Bour:

That’s right.

Josh Krane:

And making sure that Randy’s flavor males it makes it out to a good deal of people that don’t normally have access to vape shops like we do here in SoCal.

Norm Bour:

Most excellent. Everything comes full circle, guys. I’ve been talking about the NJOY company for a long time. I’ve been talking about the Artist Collection for several months now. Now I’m going to introduce you to the company that is distributing it along with one of the five craftsmen who’s behind it. Do not go away. This is Vape Radio. This is the voice of vaping. I’m your host, Norm Bour. We’re going to be back in just one moment.



Author: Norm Bour

Norm Bour is the founder of VapeMentors and the host of the award-winning podcast Vape Radio. He’s a vape industry coach, speaker, author and can be seen rubbing shoulders with the top influencers in the vape industry.