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Show Summary:

There is a problem in this country and it has become an epidemic in the vaping industry: the increasing number of lawsuits.

We are the freest society in the world, but sometimes we have too many freedoms. One of them is the ability to sue anyone you wish, whether you have grounds or not. Someone does you wrong? You sue. Were you guilty or were you not? It doesn’t matter, you still must defend yourself.

This show is an interview with by attorney Ryan McQueeney with ARNETT LAW GROUP, LLC in Chicago. McQueeney has been involved with Diacetyl lawsuits for over a decade and defended the REAL microwave popcorn manufacturers were some injuries did take place and employees got the first cases of popcorn lung.

He offers his experience as well as his opinions on popcorn lung, bogus lawsuits, and rightful causes. Check it out and share your thoughts.

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What you’ll hear today:

  • The first case of popcorn lung goes back to the early 2000’s. Nine out of 250 workers contracted the ailment at the plant
  • There were about 100 different ingredients that made up the butter flavoring. Diacetyl was the most prevalent and was the “smoking gun”
  • There are no guidelines as to what level of Diacetyl is “acceptable”
  • Most vape lawsuits are based on lack of warning (consumer law) rather than damage caused
  • Diacetyl is more prevalent in analog cigarettes than liquids, but smokers are damaged by worse injuries than popcorn lung

Talking points:

  • An adequate warning label may keep you away from trouble
  • Some believe we will major health issues in vapers over time

Some takeaways:

  • Be sure you have comprehensive warning labels
  • Having your products tested by a lab is a good idea.
  • Be careful what you put on your websites and marketing material as well within internal communication
  • It is best to take a defensive position regarding liability
  • Get any and all harmful ingredients out of your products and, take the high road and know that you are a target for litigation whether you want to be or not
  • Get insurance! We recommend CalCo Commercial Insurance 
  • To contact Ryan: [email protected] 312-561-5677

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