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Show Summary:

To say that I’m jazzed about today’s show is an understatement! At VAPE radio and VapeMentors we are proud to know some of the most amazing people that we call friends. Today you’ll be hearing from one of them.

His name is Nick Green, but you may know him by his nickname “Grimm.” He’s been part of our VAPE U classes and we interviewed him last year, which I referenced in our call if you’d like to check out show #43.

What started as a brief 20-minute call went much longer and we actually broke up our conversation into two parts. Today is part I. So with that as my intro, let’s rock!

Vape Radio 71: Vaping Super Star Grimm Green Shares Thoughts on Hardware! Click To Tweet

What you’ll hear today:

  • Grimm started posting on YouTube in 2009 when they were the“Dark Ages”
  • Tobacco can be difficult to kick 100%, so you should always be aware of the temptation
  • How Grimm decides on which products to review
  • If he finds an inferior product, he will share the bad and the good
  • Grimm likes the Herakles Plus Sub-Ohm TC Tank by Sense but was annoyed at their release of a slightly modified and calling them all different
  • He also is a fan of the (US made) Dotmod Petri Atomizer, but they are expensive
  • The Mutation X RDA Rebuildable Atomizer by Indulgence is a cheap and original Chinese product
  • The Kennedy Vapor Ruby Mod is very high quality; Grimm loves it!

Talking points:

  • Hardware manufacturers are still calling minor upgrades a“new version”
  • Manufacturers: find ONE model that offers the best of several others
  • We have developed into a nation of connoisseurs who will spend “top dollar” ($200 plus) for a mod

Some takeaways:

  • He prefers to review products that he would like to use or buy himself and does not solicit from manufacturers
  • American manufacturers have a hard time competing on price
  • Clones are rarer as Chinese companies are developing their own products
  • Hardware prices are going down. Who changed the game? Jayboand their collaborator, Wismec who released the Reuleaux. It retails for about$40-$50 but rocks! A good deal compared to the Vaporflask product.
  • We asked: What are the top products that all vape shops should carry?: Nick likes the Innokin line because they are geared to SMOKERS.

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