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Show Summary:

On our last show, we started a conversation with Nick (Grimm) Green, one of the most prolific and influential reviewers today. We covered so much awesome content we ended up breaking our interview into two parts. Welcome to part II.

In our last show, we spoke about hardware and products that work, as well as some that don’t and Grimm shared his list of “must carry”inventory for vape shops. Be sure you catch that one along with this show here.

Vape Radio 72: Grimm Green Shares his E-liquid Insights Click To Tweet

What you’ll hear today:

  • Grimm does 4-5 weekly video blogs. Videos on and audio only on his SoundCloud feed
  • What’s keeping Grimm awake at night: making sure he’s putting out the best products possible using GMP
  • Epiclouds is Nick’s dripper line through Namber Juice, nine flavors in the Namber Classics line. Newest is “Grimm Cult” which is themed around “metal culture”
  • What should a vape shop do differently going forward: Grimm is not envious of vape shop owners

Talking points:

  • E-liquids are NOT a “get rich quick” operation, but it can be long lasting
  • “Flash in the pan” liquid companies are probably not sustainable with no longevity

Some takeaways:

  • There has never been such a huge variety of top-notch liquids that cannot get to market. The market is that difficult.
  • Predictions 24 months in the future: What will be different? If we are “left alone” we should be able to take care of ourselves and liquids will get cheaper and larger size bottles. Mods will drop in price. Vape shops may be like “fast food” outlets, almost like a commodity
  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Grimm advises
  • There are still opportunities out there!
  • Follow Nick on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all under “GrimmGreen”. For information on Namber:

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