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Show Summary:

This show is not intended to be a scary one, but I warn you, it will be. Halloween is coming and what is happening in the vape world is all trick and no treat. Everyone is focused on the FDA and of course, they are the biggest and the baddest of the group, but there are goblins and gremlins much closer to you. The FDA is just the point of the spear but there are many tha tare following their lead. Some are in your city and some are in your state capital. Even though our conversation today is about a specific proposal inCalifornia called Prop 56, it is a dangerous sign of things to come.

Today we’ll be talking with someone that many of you will know; Cynthia Cabrera, the former Executive Director of SFATANational. She has been a leader in vaping advocacy for years and a friend and supporter of ours as we have of her. Today we’ll talk about “No on 56” inCalifornia and also about another law on the other side of the country, in my old home state of Pennsylvania.

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What you’ll hear today:

  • Cynthia has been in the vape space since 2010 andshares her experiences
  • There is still paranoia and fear but many arepushing back- and some are planning their 2 year exit plan…
  • It’s very easy to do things wrong and be in theFDA’s crosshairs
  • California is a bell weather state and many othersfollow their lead. They are anti-cigarettes, so vape is caught in the wake
  • Proposition 56 incorporates a $2 per packcigarette tax and can increase vaping products over 60%. It looks like it willpass…
  • Pennsylvania tax incorporates a “floor tax” whichtaxes inventory before it is sold and is 40% of wholesale
  • These laws could devastate the vape industry
  • This information must go out to the public,smokers or non-smokers
  • We cannot count on the media for unbiasedinformation and support and they use unverified sources
  • This year and next may be worse for excessivetaxation than any before
  • For better or worse, we ARE tobacco in the eyes ofthe law. For every nail in the coffin in tobacco it puts a nail in the coffinof vape
  • Is there a future in vaping? Cynthia believes so.But it will be different
  • We have two years to fight many off the possiblefutures
  • To contact Cynthia: [email protected] phone: 844-6CATING

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