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 Topic Notes
2m48sWhat is your USP? Unique Selling Proposition. Learn Maria’s 5 step branding process.Please make note of the following five steps. They are vital to defining your company’s brand.
4m24s1) Identify competitors and how they are positionedYou are not alone, so research competitors and analyze what they’re doing right and areas of weakness
4m48s2) Investigate areas for differentiationWhat are you/will you do differently?
5m02s3) Develop a unique value-based positioning concept and statementWrite down a statement that identifies those things
5m20s4) Create a tagline and key messages based on your USPDon’t do this first; first do your research and what differentiates you. Your tagline is a short, memorable form of your USP.
5m48s5) Use your USP and key messages in all your communicationsIt is important to be consistent with all your marketing materials
6m10sResearch your competitionThere are 5,000+ e-liquid companies on the market. Vapers always look for something new and different! Research sites of ones you respect and buy their products. Scrutinize their packaging and determine what you can do better.
8m50sHow are they positioning themselves? How will you?Based on price? Premium or mainstream flavorings? Do they focus on a particular market segment?
10m22sAreas of differentiationShare your personal story; everyone is unique. Should you focus on a particular audience? Be disruptive!
12m43sWho are your customers?You should know.
13m15sWho’s vaping now? The market is changing?Know your general audience as well as your specifics.
14m43sE-liquid consumption for individuals per day chartIt helps to project possible volume based on customer count
15m12sWhat flavors are the most popular?Fruit is #1, tobacco flavors are declining
16m10sMost vapers will not stick to a single flavor or brandFlavor is the #1 factor in transitioning from cigarettes
16m40sNicotine levels are dropping, many use no nicotineKnow your audience
17m15sDevelop positioning concept and statementWhat makes you unique? Determine that prior to developing a brand. Be sure it is customer focused.
19m05sCreate your taglines and key messagesThese are shorter forms of your positioning statement. Be consistent in your messaging.
21m30sWhy David named his company “California Vaping Company” and how his tagline affected brand perception.“Where is your e-liquid made” appeals to health conscious vapers and points out quality.
24m10sCase study: NicSelect liquid nicotineThe name also represents their core positioning and uses a powerful keyword. All marketing is consistent with the name and image
26m15sCase study: VapeOrganicsAll marketing materials integrate the “organic” message
27m25sCase study: CuttwoodHow they became the market leader. They attend most events, host vape contests and sponsor outside the industry
28m55sQuick summary of how to brand your e-liquid
30m20sWhat is a company name?It should be descriptive, evocative, funny, or edgy. Get their attention. It’s OK to develop different brands under your current brands, each with their own identity. One idea for brand name: choose a music group or key event that happened while your target audience was in high school.
34m40sLogosThey should be unique, clarify your positioning, and can incorporate your name. It need not be expensive and you can use crowd-sourcing sites like, or
37m25sBranding identityUse your logo, color and fonts with consistency, including your web site. Create brand identity guidelines.
39m35sUse keywords properly and abundantlyThis is how your audience will find you. Stake your claim to your identity.
40m30sList of popular keywordsSee attached keywords
41m20sUse your tagline properly, trademark it if possibleMake it short and punchy, and focus on the customer. You can modify an existing tagline or logo and define it as your own.
48m35sQuestions & Answers: Should you trademark your tagline?It’s not critical to trademark your tagline, but you definitely should trademark your brand name
51m05sLeverage your brandMake it easy for others to share, use social media properly. Develop content worth sharing using photos and video
Questions & Answers:
54m05sIs there a way to find out if a tagline is trademarked? has the ability to search trademarked names. Learn David’s secret tip.
55m0sHow important is it to create the “right flavors” vs. doing the correct branding and marketing?Many of the buying decisions are controlled by the salesperson: the flavors have to be right, but so does the brand. You really need both.
1h0m25sHow can you use unique and flashy bottle shapes to accelerate your brand? Does the bottle shape affect manufacturing cost?Vintage e-liquid and High Roller Sweets have awesome packaging. The bottle can be the majority of the costs so be careful. If the bottles don’t fit on the shelves, they won’t get space. If the costs are out of line, you won’t be able to sell much volume. David shares his experience launching a perfume company. Older demographics tend to prefer fancier packaging and bottles. What you can learn from the liquor industry in regards to fancy bottling. Understand that it’s still disposable so don’t go too crazy.
1h08m45sShould you list ingredients on your label? How can you use the ingredient list to further your brand message?Yes. In fact, the FDA will likely require this in the future. Watch out for words like “Organic”. You cannot say “Organic” unless ALL ingredients are organic, and nicotine is normally not organic.