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5m45sWhat we will learn todayThe best platforms, frequency, topics and branding
6m25sTop social media channels for the vape spaceFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
6m55sWhy Facebook?Well read, you can use more words, and is more personal. It has a proven track record.
7m30sWhy Instagram?Most popular, but easy to get lost in the crowd. Limited as to what you can post.
7m40sWhy Twitter?Not as popular for vape space, best if you have a legion of followers.
8m0sWhy LinkedIn?Best for owners of companies, more B2B, more professional. Does not require frequent posting.
8m45sHow often to postFacebook: 3-5x weeklyTwitter: 5x weekly minimum, no maximum (more real time interaction)

Instagram: 1-3x daily (morning and afternoon)

10m50sWhen to postBe consistent with your times and pay attention to timezones. For west coast: post at 6:00 a.m. for east coast users and vice-versa. Use scheduler programs like
12m15sBe carefulIf you post too often, your likes and shares may drop
12m20sBest Facebook Practices since we are restricted from FB AdWords and salesDevelop a strategy of what to say or give away. Develop a daily plan.Be authentic and interactive: reply to questions.

Deals and promos help nurture relationships.

15m20sLearn your Facebook reporting toolsMonitor your audience, collect data
15m50sWhat to postUse original photos, take them yourself
17m02#HashtagsA way to help you find things. Instagram limits to 30 per post, best to use 15-20, use the most popular. Tag the people, list email addresses.
19m05sHow or do you respond?When appropriate and not every post. But responding generates activity and fans.
21m05sBest Instagram PracticesHave a strategy, show the personal side of things and engage your followers. Like, comment and share, but stay consistent with your brand.
23m05sLogos, branding & graphicsDon’t use cartoons on labels or imply they appeal to children. Produce professional designs for your logos and branding. Be sure your pictures follow your brand.
26m40sColors are impactfulRay offers a color chart and what emotions they evoke.
27m10sCase study: RuthlessFacebook provides free reports including impressions, best days, demographics, top countries/cities, top posts and top shares.
28m30sKnow your audienceIf you appeal to men, post appropriately, likewise for women or other age groups. Your designs should align with your brand and audience.
Questions & Answers
33m45sWhat advice would you offer to someone that is just starting off to help spread the word?Social media can start at the beginning or any time. There is no advantage other than getting momentum earlier.
36m05sDo your customers use mail programs to stay in constant communication?Yes, most do.
38m05sIs there any general rule about what you can and cannot do with FacebookYou can post anything, you just can’t advertise. Be respectful and appropriate with your messaging.