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What’s VapeMasters?

Whether you’re curious, interested or are totally committed to building a vape space business, VapeMasters was built just for you!

For only $497 or 12 payments of $47, you get a Lifetime Membership in the VapeMasters community and access to a wealth of content that will guide you step-by-step in:

  • Creating a successful business model built around your unique strengths
  • Negotiating with your city, landlord for your own vape space
  • Funding your new business
  • Retail practices that could increase your business by 300 percent
  • Attracting and retaining your best customers

FREE e-Book, Just for Joining!

When you join VapeMasters, we’ll immediately send you a hard copy of “Vapreneur: Your Guide to Mastering the Vape Space.” We’re also hard at work on a second book, aptly called “Masters of Vape,” which includes interviews and insights from the true masters of the e-liquid business.

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Private Mastermind Group

Every month, we hold a Mastermind group open only to our VapeMasters. Learn the latest tips, tools and tactics your fellow VapeMasters are using to rise to the top of their game.

When you have burning questions or issues, you have the amazing opportunity to pick the brains of the industry’s finest. These private Masterminds are jam- packed, so you won’t want to miss them – but if you do, we’ll record them so you can listen in at your convenience.

We’ll also give you the inside scoop on the issues that are happening right now in the vaping industry – issues like the FDA’s looming regulations, the changing political landscape, and how big tobacco and big pharma are pushing their weight around.

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Just a Sample of What You Get

At VapeMentors, we have been working hard to deliver not just really good content on how to be a raging vape space success. We want to make it simple and easy for you to get started. So we’re creating templates that you can use to get your business up and running – literally within weeks!

Let’s take a detailed look at what’s inside VapeMasters. To help you navigate all the content inside this premium section, we’ve organized it into three main sections:

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Section 1: Mastering the Business

  • Business Modeling 101
  • Guide to Funding Your Business
  • Guide to Negotiating with Your City and Landlord
  • How to Select and Set Up a Merchant Processor
  • Prepare to be Regulated: ISO and GMP standards
  • Guide to the Right Kinds of Insurance

Special Bonuses:

  • Business Model Template
  • Business Planning Calendar

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Section 2: Minding the Store

  • Retail Shop 201 Guide
  • Retail Best Practices (or How to Increase Sales by 300%)
  • Top Sellers for 2015: Top Selling E-Liquids, Devices

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Section 3: Mastering the Marketing

  • How to Make the Most of a Vapor Show
  • Advanced Marketing for Vape Shops
  • Web Design 101 – How to Get a Good Site for Cheap
  • Guide to Google Business Listings
  • SEO Best Practices for Vape Space Businesses
  • What’s a CTA? How to Use E-Mail to Drive ales
  • SMS Marketing Funnel – Step-by-Step Guide
  • How to Implement a Rewards Program for your Store
  • 50 Ways to Drive More Foot Traffic
  • The Ultimate Coupon and Discount Campaigns
  • The Ultimate Yelp Profile

Special Bonuses

  • P.R. Toolkit (News Release Template and How-To Guide)
  • Special Event Toolkit
  • Ultimate Planning Calendar for Social Media, Blogs and Content
  • Guide to Creating a Blog
  • Social Media Guide
  • Best Keywords for the Vape Space


What’s a VapeMaster?

A VapeMaster is the consummate pro who’s running a kick-ass business in the vape space, whether it’s a vape shop, online store or e-liquid company.

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The vape space is like all other businesses: some fail, some are doing OK, and some are absolutely crushing it. We’ll teach you everything we know, drawing from years of business experience and mentoring many vapreneurs. Plus, we’ll put you directly in touch with the true VapeMasters – those who are already crushing it in the vape space!

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The #1 Community for Vapreneurs!

We want you to know everything you can expect as a member of VapeMasters. So feel free to ask us any questions here, and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Ask anything you want! VapeMasters is the #1 community to create, build and crush it in the vape space. If for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we’re happy to offer you our 30-day money back guarantee.

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Ready to Join VapeMasters?

We’re confident that you’re going to love what we have to offer you in Paradise. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Join Paradise!

VapeMasters Features

• Lifetime Membership to VapeMasters

• Access to an ever-evolving library that is constantly being updated

• Business and planning templates that make it easy to get started

• Access to the true VapeMasters – those who are absolutely crushing it!

• A community of like-minded vapreneurs at all phases of starting and growing their business

• Private Mastermind Group and access to the recordings from every group

• Free Books: “Vapreneur: Your Guide to Mastering the Vape Space” and “Masters of Vape”

• First Dibs and Discounts on VAPE U Courses

Join VapeMasters Today!