The entire world has come under the grasp of the novel coronavirus Covid-19. With thousands of people affected by the virus, the pandemic has made everyone struggle to stay alive. While the governments are forced to implement lockdowns and the essential workers toiling day and night to save people, social distancing has become the norm.

Owing to it, many events are being canceled, including the first Dubai International Vape Expo or The Expo. It has left industry experts and analysts in a frenzy, wondering how the vaping expos will look like once the coronavirus is over. If you are wondering the same, you can keep reading to find out all your answers.

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The Impact of The Pandemic

The year 2020 has managed to disrupt almost every sphere of life. From industries to agriculture, from entertainment to banking, and everything in between has been affected by it. The global events that were scheduled for 2020 are no different here. The organizers of every major event that was supposed to happen this year have either canceled or postponed. To prevent the coronavirus from spreading and to ensure the safety of the participants, concerts, conferences, trade fairs, expo, and even the Tokyo Olympics have been affected.

Similarly, the Dubai Vape Expo was to be held on March 18-20 in 2020 in Festival Arena by InterContinental, Al Badiya, Dubai Festival City. The event was going to have the presence of over 120 international brands. In light of the recent developments in the vaping industry in the Emirates, plenty of vaping enthusiasts had eyes on this infamous event.

While vaping has already become a widespread phenomenon in the western counterparts, UAE still had strict rules governing the use of these electronic cigarettes. The new rules announced by the Emirates Authority of Standardization and Metrology or ESMA have made the sale and use of vaporizers legal in the area. With the expo organized in Dubai, it could have been a significant turning point for the industry. They believed it to be the beginning of a golden era of vaping in the Emirates.So, don’t be reluctant to try out CBD vape pens that actually work.

Due to the pandemic, every event got majorly affected and was postponed for a year. There were plenty of arrangements made to host this international festival in Dubai, and even the investors had high expectations from it. The delay has come as a significant blow to the organizers and investors. The entire trade fair industry is suffering due to the pandemic. But, if you want to vape and feel disappointed about the lasting effect on vape events, you can simply choose from a wide variety of vapes while sitting at home. All you have to do is view here.

How will it affect vape expos held in the future?

The United Arab Emirates boasts of a strong market and economy. There are numerous financial boosts given by the government to help small and medium-sized businesses. While Abu Dhabi has a plan to release $27 billion as an aid, Riyadh is ready with a $13.3 billion package. But, the global situation that the world is facing today is unpredictable and impacting everything. Coronavirus had dampened the future of a series of big events, like Expo 2020 Dubai and Dubai Vape Expo. It has managed to inflict severe damage on the economy and vape shops as well.

The tourism and travel industry has also suffered an irrevocable loss due to the widespread of this pandemic. Overseas travel is banned, and it has hit the UAE as well. Even after the world will come out of the situation of the epidemic, whenever that is, it will take plenty of time to regain the customer’s trust. The travel industry can take years to recover.

This puts the future of these events in jeopardy. While the government has already postponed all events for six months or even to the next year, it is unsure if people will be ready to attend them. Whenever the events are organized in the near future, people might be skeptical about traveling and attending events with large gatherings. It may take a toll on the groups and also impact the profits.

  • Even when Vape Expo will take place after coronavirus, experts believe that social distancing, using masks, and disinfectants might still be prevalent. While the vaping brands and even enthusiasts may come to attend the event, the threat of coronavirus still looms. Make sure you buy CBD vape pens you can actually trust during this time.

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Final Thoughts

Curing coronavirus still seems like a far-fetched reality with the number of coronavirus cases increasing each day and researchers working on the vaccine. With every sphere of life impacted by the pandemic, the large gatherings and events like Dubai Vape Expo and Expo 2020 Dubai will not be the same. They will witness a lesser number of participants, restricted reach, and may have to incur losses. However, some analysts and experts believe that coronavirus might revolutionize the trade fair industry, which can prove beneficial for the stakeholders. Those want to procure quality vape product can still visit and reap the benefits. A resilient financial market and a much-needed economic stimulus might help the world overcome the obstacles and hold spectacular expos.

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