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So, when it comes to the world of vapes, the industry is geared up to suit anyone. Regardless of whether or not you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s something here for you to check out.

For beginners, and people going away who need something quick and easy, the vape kit exists. This handy-dandy collection of items means that regardless of who you are, you can get stuck into the world of vaping.

Interested? Well, sure you are. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting in a typical vape kit, so you know what’s on offer. Consider this your comprehensive guide to what we can offer for newcomers.

A Beginner’s E-Cig

We may as well get started with the most important item on the list, the e-cig itself. These are built for beginners, and they come packed with all the resources you could need to get a good vaping experience.

Breaking it down for you, typically you’ll find that the device you get in a starter kit is, well, pretty basic. This isn’t a bad thing, because your average newcomer isn’t going to know how to work a top-of-the-range mod with all the bells and whistles like temperature control and an LED display.

Instead, these are generally single button, mouth-to-lung devices. They are built to be easy to use and very effective – just push the button and take a drag. There’s often no experimentation with wattage, temperature control or resistance – it’s a starting device for a starting e-cig user.

Your Battery and Charger

Now we’re moving into the obligatory battery safety nonsense, so let’s get it done and out of the way.

We may sound flippant about battery safety but don’t be fooled – it’s a serious topic. Batteries are the most important part of an e-cig but they also have the potential to be the most dangerous, so you have to be safe and sensible with them.

Your battery will be a lithium-ion model if your kit is anywhere this side of 2010. It will come with a specific charger. Do not use the battery with ANY other charger. It is made for that device.

This is, if we’re honest, where a lot of the issues start. People use a different battery than the one their device is meant to have, or they mix up their chargers. Don’t do this, yeah? It’s how people wind up with broken, dangerous and often explosive devices. Be smart, use the right charger for the right battery.

E-Liquids, Your Pick

The last component that your starting kit will contain is usually a complementary set of liquids. This is usually one or two miniature bottles with just enough liquid inside to get you started.

Now, obviously you’ll have to pick what type of liquid you want – some kits offer you the choice, others do not. We try to where we can, so keep an eye out. But these liquids will usually be tuned to the device you’ve got. This means that they’ll vaporize properly and you can smoke without any issues.

Make a note of any liquids you’re quite taken with, because they’ll be available in our section in regular sizes. You just had the preview, now you can experiment with the real deal.

Final Thoughts

So, when all is said and done, the type of starter kit that you get will be pretty similar from one brand to the next. Generally speaking, all the big names are in agreement on what to put into one of these kits to get you started. You will have some instructions too, so don’t worry.

The world of e-cigs is definitely an interesting one. You’ve got a lot of unique options and choices with regards to what you do and when, which is nice. You can easily pick up a lot of different options. We personally make sure that there’s a broad selection of different starter kits for anyone looking to get involved with the world of e-cigs or just fancies a quick kit to take on holiday. Look, the bottom line is that they’re all made up to get you started, so why not have a go? It’s a lot healthier and safer than smoking, and it smells better!