Vapor Wars Winners Predicted by Wells Fargo

By May 28, 2014Podcasts

Vape News Radio

  • Chicago vape show
  • Vape affiliates program
  • World Vapor Expo in Miami
  • Bonnie Herzog and Wells Fargo Financial observations
  • One of her comments as to Who Will Win the Vapor War? “Our Model Suggests the Big 3 Will Win – Commanding ~80% Share of the Combined Combustible Cig And Vapor Revenue Pool and ~75% of the Combined Operating Profit Pool in 10 Years”
  • You must listen to get it all in

Author: Norm Bour

Norm Bour is the founder of VapeMentors and the host of the award-winning podcast Vape Radio. He’s a vape industry coach, speaker, author and can be seen rubbing shoulders with the top influencers in the vape industry.