ecig business is on fire

The E-Cigarette Business is On Fire!

How will you capture your share?

The $3 billion e-cigarette industry offers tons of opportunities for entrepreneurs. But there are also huge risks. We’ve studied this industry, coached entrepreneurs all over the U.S., and know why some businesses fail while others are crushing it.

How To Start a Vape Shop

How to Open a Vape Shop

How much money do I need?

We’ve helped more than 30 entreprenuers all over the U.S. open a vape shop in their chosen city. Most are generating a five-figure revenue in the first month and are adding stores a few months later. We can show you what works – and what pitfalls to avoid.

ecig business is on fire

Are You Committed?

Are You Curious, Interested or Truly Committed?

We have fielded hundreds of questions from vape space business owners and those who want to open a vape shop or another business. Whether you're curious, interested or truly committed will determine what your next steps are.


Gregg Elliott and Wendy Cadet

Greg Elliot and Wendy Cadet – Medeaux Hookahs

Miami, Florida

“Norm taught us how to speak to our target customers. As new business owners we needed coaching on what to say and how to say it, and how to feel comfortable. Norm gave us the confidence and the knowledge to speak to people about our product. Norm makes himself available to us through Skype and email. Even though he’s across the country, it still feels like he’s right here with us. We are very happy with Norm and the information he has given us.”

Chris Austin - Route 1 Vapors

Chris – Owner and Founder of Route 1 Vapors

Seabrook, New Hampshire

“Norm knows business, he knows vaping, he knows strategy, planning, branding…everything. Norm was willing to work at my own pace, whether I wanted to move more quickly or get more detailed information about certain things.

Norm was totally on my side, looking out for me in every aspect of the business, so if you are thinking about opening up a vape store or you need more information, I highly recommend Norm and Vape Mentors.”

  • Hannes

    Hi i would like to start a vape shop in Durban South Africa on the beach, i just want to find out what the cost will be to open up a shop like this as well as any franchise costs involved and or monthly charges if there are any?

    • VapeMentors

      In the US we recommend a $50K budget to start a shop and any franchise fees would be on top of that.

      Norm Bour

      Founder & Chief Business Mentor



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