The 12 Best Vape Products To Keep Stocked In Your Shop

Keeping the latest vape products in stock that customers want to purchase is challenging, but also necessary. This is why product selection is a key component of not only running a vape shop, but running a successful one. In this article we’re going to scope in on which low, middle, and high-end vape mods you should keep stocked up.

In any vape shop there should be three categories to cover your overall product line-up. Each of these categories will serve as a way to reach a specific audience.

Low-End / Beginner Vape Products

The low-end category should be a selection of products that offers a mild performance while maintaining high appeal, as well as promoting a low retail price. These products should appeal most to older customer and newbies because they are easy to use and understand.

  • Retail price between $30 and $60
  • Should include tank and battery
  • Great for older customers that are non-technical and just want an easy way to start vaping
  • Beginner vape products are often manufactured by brands like Eleaf, Joyetech, Kanger, and Innokin.
  • These products aren’t as popular as other mid or high-end products, often coming with a mild performance, and low retail price, however these brands still produce high-quality products.
  • It’s important to keep up to date on the new hit vape products from these brands that offer the best battery life, performance, and appeal, while still maintaining a low retail price.

Here is what we recommend for low-end or beginner vape products:

These are all examples of products that present great performance, high appeal, and priced reasonably lower than other products available on the market.

Mid-Range / Intermediate Vape Products

The mid-range vape products category should be a selection of the most popular products on the market, covering all bases when it comes to performance and appeal, but includes a balanced retail price to attract the majority of your foot traffic. The customer is more drawn to this category since they’re comparing the price between both the low-end and high-end product categories. These products appeal to customers that are intermediate vapers with a fair understanding of tanks, ohms and battery safety.

  • Retail price between $75 and $120
  • May not always include a tank
  • Great for intermediate users that want a little more power and customization
  • Mid-range vape products are commonly the most popular, and have a balance when it comes to features, performance, and price.
  • The mid-range products you want to keep stocked up on come from brands such as SMOK, iJoy, Wismec, and Sigelei to name a few.

Here’s what we recommend for mid-range vape products:

High-End / Advanced Vape Products

The high-end products category isn’t as important when it comes to your product selection since these products come with a higher retail cost. However, it’s a wise decision to include this category in your shop for the select few customers that are willing to pay a higher price, as it also affects the impression the customer receives from the store as a whole.

  • Retail price of $120+
  • Heavy focus on design and artistic decorations.
  • Highly customizable and normally don’t include a tank (and the customer probably wants their own choice of tank anyway).
  • Products are geared towards the vapers that are more into high-end performance, technology, “cloud chasing”, quality, and appeal.
  • Price isn’t typically a determining factor when they’re looking to purchase.
  • The high-end products you want to keep stocked up on comes from brands such as Lost Vape, YiHi, Sigelei, and Volcano Ecigs to name a few.

Here’s what we recommend for high-end vape products:

These are all examples of products that deliver high quality, the latest technology, and remarkable appeal, while they also include a higher cost.

Author: Blake Brown

Blake Brown is a vape content writer, sharing his passion and knowledge of the industry through his blog and several publications throughout the web. Find him on Instagram here: @guidetovaping