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Module II – Battery safety, Liability & Risk Management

Part 1: Protecting Your Vape Shop With Liability Insurance

Whether you are an employee, manager or owner, you need to know what risks you face as a business when selling potentially dangerous products like batteries.

This lesson will help you understand the legal landscape of a battery injury claim. The lesson also dispels common myths about what types of protections work (and don’t work) when dealing with customers.

Part 2: Protecting Your Customers With Battery Best Practices

Proper battery safety requires some basic knowledge about electrical engineering that most of us forgot in high school. The common vape shop customer does not really understand many of the common mistakes people make when dealing with batteries.

As we have all observed, venting batteries are mostly caused by user error. This lesson will give you all the common knowledge you need to understand to help your customers avoid a battery incident.

Get To Know Battery Mooch!
Battery Mooch is the foremost authority on vape batteries. His Youtube Channel is a gold mine of amazing battery information.

Battery Mooch on Youtube

Download The Battery Safety Quick Reference Poster
Find the download link for our “Battery Safety Quick Reference Guide” below. It’s an excellent poster that will help your customers understand basic battery safety. Here’s a preview.