• Can you fight “city hall?” Norm shares the updates of helping his clients with a KIOSK overcome push back from the city and in that same city was another store that was about to be shut down due to lack of the same permit. There was an outpouring of help and host Norm Bour spoke on their behalf as well. The results? Motion passed unanimously and they are getting their permits. Lesson to learn: be sure you know your cities policies before you obligate yourself to a lease or open your store.
  • Are you an interesting person to interview. Are you a Boomer in the vape space? Do you have an interesting story? We want to hear it and share it.
  • The southwest continues its aggressive growth in the vape space and Florida is really kicking ass.

From Bonnie Herzog at Wells Fargo: The VTM (Vapors/ Tanks/ Mods) Momentum Continues and C-Stores are Getting In On The Action And Growth –
More than 92% of c-store owners believe VTMs are taking share from e-cigs

  • Nearly all either currently carry VTMs or expect to carry them in the next 6 months
  • Blu and NJOY are expected to lose share to Vuse and MarkTen as they roll out nationwide over the next few months;
  • VTMs offer attractive margins for retailers
  • Products are expected to comprise 45% of the vapor category in c-stores in 6 months, up from 26% today.
  • VTMs are growing 2x as fast as the overall category.