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Module IV – Advocacy

Advocacy absolutely cannot be avoided in the vaping industry. This module is all about how to get your customers – and your peers – to care about vaping, and what resources are available to you.

Flavor Bans

Stefan Didak has been fighting flavor bans in California for years and has a very interesting perspective on how they work. To get an in depth breakdown of flavor bans, click the link below.

The Anatomy Of Flavor Bans >>>

The Science Of Vaping

There are possibly hundreds of studies related to tobacco use, nicotine addiction, e-cigarette use, and what it could mean for public health.

When speaking with the vaping community about the health effects of vaping, it’s very useful to be informed about the latest science, but it’s also very hard to stay up to date.

Here are two amazing resources to help you – the “regular person” – stay informed about the latest science.

Vape Study Database (Google Sheet)

Database of vaping science curated by VapeMentors >>>

As new science comes out, VapeMentors is constantly updating this spreadsheet. Feel free to share this widely.

The Vaping Advocacy & Education Project (VAEP)

Kellie Ann, a registered nurse, founded VAEP to educate consumers and the general public about the science of vaping. VAEP has quite possibly the largest database of scientific studies related to vaping, and also has shareable quotes from renowned journals to share on social media.

The VAEP Project >>>