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Show Summary:

What does the future hold?
Vaping may go underground and create a Black Market.
Stories of struggle and victory are shared:
The Vaping Store recently opened in Lake Worth, FL. Listen to what they went through along with The Vape Factor in Davie, FL, who finally opened after almost one year of planning. Captain Obvious found out that their e-liquids were being diluted to make a different nic level…
In the WIN category, Route One in New Hampshire hit massive numbers in the first year. VAPE Mags are now at Barnes and Noble’s nationwide, plus 15,000 shops. Von Vapes interview shares their new investor helping to fund expansion and how they got there.
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Links Discussed:

What you’ll hear today:

  • FDA and OMB updates from Washington, DC. What happened? In the next few shows, you’ll hear live interviews from several that testified. Including me.
  • Is the vape space going away? New events in Ireland and Russia, plus Vape Show Events. This is by invitation only and brings together 27 sellers (manufacturers) and 20 buyers to meet privately. Next event: La Jolla (CA), Jan. 24-27.
  • Develop your own house brand in just eight (8) weeks with all the work done for you. For free. If you are unsure if your current manufacturer will pass FDA muster, contact me at norm@vapementors.com
  • Problems in Washington state are discussed as the health department prevents sampling in some counties, and Quebec, Canada just passed a strict rule as well

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