We’ve talked before about how difficult it can be to choose the right products for your vape shop. The last thing you want to do is invest in a case of given product only to have that product languish on your shelves until it finally hits the clearance bin. You’re in the vaping industry to make a profit, and that isn’t always easy to do in a fragmented industry with few clear trends. You can’t expect good advice from your distributor. They’re out to make a profit, too. You won’t learn much from watching a typical vaping channel on YouTube, either; few YouTubers or bloggers ever review vaping products negatively.

When you run a small vape shop, the decision to buy a product in bulk isn’t one to take lightly when buying the wrong product could end in a great big loss. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can mitigate your risk – and potentially earn an occasional windfall – by using a price comparison site like Vapercity.com to find the lowest prices online.

Let’s learn more about what a price comparison site can do for your vape shop’s buying arsenal – but first, let’s discuss how Vapercity can be used by vape shop owners to save time and money on vape supplies.

How Can Vapercity.com Help You as a Vape Shop Owner?

Vapercity is a price aggregator site that stores more than a thousand products in their database and uses an automated script to scan the Internet for the best prices on those products. They have several ways to find products. You can search by product style – box mods, pod mods, and coils, for instance – or you can search by the product name or brand name using the search box at the top of every page. When you enter a product that they have in their database, you will instantly see the lowest price displayed. Clicking on the product link will take you to the product page. Once on the product page, you can see a description of the product and find out what a dozen or more merchants charge for it – including shipping cost and, most importantly, estimated delivery times.

No Minimum Order Quantities

You can usually get the best prices on vaping gear if you order from a wholesaler. Wholesalers, meanwhile, remain profitable because they’re not in the business of shipping individual products – they ship cases of products. Do you want to buy a single unit of a new mod or tank to find out whether it’ll appeal to your customer base? You might have trouble getting your wholesaler to do that for you. Sites that sell to consumers, on the other hand, have no problem shipping individual products. Vapercity.com can help you ensure that you’re not spending too much to test the market.

Make Any Product Available to Your Customers

Do you ever have customers enter your vape shop and request obscure products? Have you had to turn those customers away because obscure products aren’t profitable when you buy them in bulk? Vapercity.com can be the secret weapon that allows your vape shop to offer absolutely any product – no matter how obscure it might be. A customer needs a box of coils for an unpopular tank released a few years ago? No problem – hop on Vapercity, and you can have a box in your store within a few days. When word gets around that you can find any product for your customers at a reasonable price, you’ll enjoy significant word-of-mouth publicity.

Remain Competitive With Online Sellers

Customers are loyal to their favorite local stores, but only to a point. If a customer can get a significantly better price on a product by buying it online, he’ll probably do that. Vapercity shows you at a glance what your online competitors are charging for products. The ability to see the historical prices for products is an additional tool that can help you remain competitive. Don’t let your online competitors steal the business that should be yours!

Fast Shipping Times

Do you buy any of your products from overseas distributors? That’s a good way to keep your prices down, but you’ll sometimes encounter long delays when waiting for products to arrive from China. Suppose you run out of coils for a popular tank while you’re waiting for a box of coils to arrive from your overseas distributor. What can you do in the meantime? If you can’t get more coils, you’ll risk losing business from customers who prefer to buy their coils and e-liquid simultaneously. Vapercity provides a simple solution that allows you to restock your shelves in days rather than weeks by displaying the estimated shipping times for each vendor – and it ensures that you’re getting the products at the most reasonable prices possible. Until you receive the shipment from your distributor, you can avoid the risk of turning away potential buyers and break even on coils or other gear while profiting from e-liquid sales.

Grab Items on Clearance

When you run a brick-and-mortar vape shop, there’s limited shelf space to go around. If something doesn’t sell in a reasonable timeframe, you have no choice but to clearance the item out and make room for newer and more popular products. Online sellers might have more warehouse space, but even they have to clean out their warehouses sometimes. If you set price drop alerts for the products that interest you, Vapercity can tell you when those clearance sales occur. A clearance sale might happen because a given mod ends up being less successful than the seller hoped it would be. Clearance sales also happen when e-liquid companies go out of business or change their labels. Customers don’t care, though, that the maker of a particular e-liquid has gone out of business if the e-liquid has a nice bottle, an interesting name and a low price. A clearance sale is a great opportunity to grab products for even less than what your wholesaler would charge and turn a quick profit by reselling those products.