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With the findings of Public Health England’s government-mandated e-cigarette evidence review, the United Kingdom has quickly become a paradise of sorts for vapers, especially when compared to some countries in the world where vaping and vaping products are prohibited. However, with the rise of vaping’s popularity and its government endorsement in the UK has come no shortage of regulations which vape shops must adhere to. These regulations, which are dictated by the Tobacco Production Directive (TPD), have led some vapers to buy and use shortfill e-liquids and the nicotine shots that are designed to accompany them.

If you’re a UK vape shop owner that doesn’t currently stock and sell shortfills or nic shots, you may want to start now because they are, for the time being, quite popular among UK vapers.

What Is Shortfill E-Liquid And Why Is It Popular?

Shortfills are bottles of e-liquid that are filled short of the top, which leaves some space in each bottle where a vaper can add a nicotine shot.

As the TPD regulatory act limits nicotine e-liquid bottles sold in the UK to no more than 10mL in total capacity and no more than 20mg/ml of nicotine, shortfills provide a simple solution for vapers who want more than what the regulations allow retailers to sell to customers in the UK.

With a shortfill bottle of e-liquid, vapers can, as an example, buy a 30ml bottle of vape juice that contains no nicotine and add a nicotine shot to it that adjusts the bottle’s nicotine concentration to the desired level. As a result, shortfills and nic shots have become quite popular in the United Kingdom, which is why UK vape shop owners should consider carrying them for their interested customers if they’re not already doing so.

Major E-Liquid Brands Now Offer Shortfills

There are presently a number of major e-liquid brands that now offer shortfills. VapeKit, a UK vape shop that sells vaping products online, carries shortfill e-liquids from well-known brands such as 88Vape, Yorkshire Vaper, Double Drip, Twelve Monkeys, Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, Zeus Juice, The Milkman, T-Juice, Doozy Vape, Ruthless, Element, and more.

Mixing Shortfills With Nic Shots Is Easy

When adding nicotine shots to shortfill e-liquid bottles, the process is surprisingly simple. All a vaper has to do is open the e-liquid bottle, pour the nic shot in, and give it a good shake before using it. At this point, some vapers may choose to steep the newly created e-juice to improve its flavor, but this process is by no means a necessity as once the shot has been added and the bottle has been thoroughly shaken, it’s ready for use without any further delay.

Should Your UK Vape Store Carry Shortfills For Customers?

Vape stores serving UK customers may benefit from stocking and selling shortfills as well as nicotine shots. The reason for this is that the two are quite popular with the UK vaping community at this time. While further regulatory changes in the United Kingdom could drastically alter this situation at some point, the reality is that vapers are buying them and they are potentially worth stocking for your customers.

If you’ve had customers ask about shortfills and whether you carry them, then it seems likely that there’s a good chance you should begin stocking them and letting your customers know that you have them in stock.