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Show Summary:

“If you think the vape industry is dead, you are right. And if you think the industry and your business will survive, you are right as well. It’s all a matter of mindset and attitude.”

That sets to the tone as we move forward and where survival of the fittest- and those willing to change- will live.

Arnuad Dumas de Rauly, president of GaiaTrend, one of the largest liquid manufacturers in Europe, is our guest today, talking about a movie called “A Billion Lives.”

We encourage all of you to pay attention since this movie is by non-vapers for non-vapers and is a powerful story that may help our cause.

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Links Discussed

What you’ll hear today:

  • Arnaud Dumas de Rauly is our guest, and has been in the business since 2008
  • A Billion Lives represents the number of smokers in the world right now
  • The director, Aaron Biebert, is a movie director and cinematographer.Neither he nor anyone on his team are vapers. “Find out the truth” was their mission
  • Cigalikes in Europe are only 2% of the market; the rest are independent businesses
  • This movie is primarily focused on the non-vaper, the general public
  • The deeming regs were influenced by Big Tobacco, ie, closed tank/ e-cig manufacturers
  • This is a US based movie
  • The number of health complains about vaping is minor compared to other, more common products
  • The movie premiered in New Zealand and will be in the US this year
  • What to do: reach out to #abillionlives and use your social media prowess to get the word out
  • The producers are trying to preview the movie with political powers first

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