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Show Summary:

The state of Indiana has seen its share of challenges in the past few years.

Former Governor Mike Pence signed a bill that limited the number of liquid manufacturers to less than six. These six companies had to adhere and conform to insane standards and unless you were able to comply, you could not sell liquid in that state.

Turns out there were underhanded dealings which included dirty politicians, casino money, and even cannabis influencers! The FBI has an ongoing investigation, but we’ll let that run its course.

Today’s show is about the present and the future, more than the past. You can review what happened before on Vape Radio #87 when we interviewed Eric Gotting, the attorney that represented vaping interests in the state. I’ve also written about it several times in VAPE magazine when I called it “The War of Indiana.”

Can you sell liquids in Indiana today? Yes, but you must be approved and get registered.

Today Amy Lane, founder of the Indiana Smoke-Free Alliance, ISFA, will be providing an update.

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What you’ll hear today:

  • A short recap of the Indiana Right to be Smoke-Free lawsuit which strangled the vaping industry in the state
  • Retail shops went from 204 shops to 162 in just 8 months
  • Then governor, Mike Spence, our sitting Vice President, may indicate the Fed’s view of vaping
  • Indiana has been a (negative) lightning rod for abusive state regulations
  • Marijuana dollars were involved with this legislation! Others include an Indian casino, securities firm, and politicians, plus lots of “Big Money” and may involve RICO violations
  • The FBI has an open and active investigation…
  • State politicians were misinformed about “public health” and how dangerous vape was
  • That law has been revoked by the 7th Circuit but is still in place
  • This ruling set a great precedent for the vape industry, thanks to Keller and Heckman LLP, attorneys that represented the industry
  • Businesses must register (as a foreign entity), pay a fee ($1000), obtain a permit, and there are many new options
  • Old laws have been “repealed and replaced”
  • Cole-Bishop may be off the table now but may return. This process can take years, just like most other processes
  • Vapor Technology Association (VTA) is leading the charge in support of the industry
  • ISFA membership is just $99 mo. to stay on top of information and education
  • Contact Amy at 765-432-8841or visit [email protected],