Thinking of carrying dry herb vapes in your shop? This is the ultimate guide to picking the right vape from our friends and experts at Also See this article on The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers To Carry In Your Vape Shop. 

1: Battery Life

  • Customer pain points: Not getting enough “sessions”
  • Product features to look for: Replaceable batteries/long battery life/”use while charging”

Above all else, customers care about battery life. Users of dry herb vaporizers think in terms of “sessions”, i.e. I can get 4-6 sessions off of one battery. Most average about 3-4 sessions, and the best you can hope for is about 8. Because of this, customers are drawn mostly towards either ‘rechargeable replaceable’ batteries that allow them to carry a replacement, or to USB compatible kits with the ‘use while charging’ feature that allow them to charge as they smoke. To a customer, there’s is nothing worse than being stranded with a dead vape.

2: Quality

  • Customer pain points: Harsh hit/bad taste
  • Product features to look for: Easy to clean/temperature control

Even novice smokers will be influenced largely by the quality and taste a vape produces. In this regard, vaporizers that are pure, smooth and easy to clean are most important. When a vape is easy to clean it’s easier to remove the impurities that affect flavor. If a hit is too harsh, a temperature control mechanism can help the customer dial up the perfect hit.

3: Size

  • Customer pain points: It needs to be discreet
  • Product features to look for: Small, sleek design

A vaper wants to be able to carry their vape wherever they go in a discreet and comfortable manner. Not only is the size of the entire product important, but also the size of the chamber. The size of the chamber dictates how many people can share during a single session.

4: Price

  • Customer pain points: I’m on a budget / I want the best
  • Product features to look for: Brand name vs priced right

Like any appliance, price plays an incredibly important role in a sale. Both novice and experienced vapers are aware that when it comes to vaping, high quality products have a higher price range. Some vapers are always willing to spend the big bucks for quality, while others can sacrifice quality for utility. Do not be afraid to stock the more expensive vapes that are out there. Aim to sell vapes around the $200-$300 price range, but also have a quality budget option for your thrifty shopper.

5: Speed of heat-up

  • Customer pain points: I’m in a hurry!
  • Product features to look for: How fast does it heat up?

The speed of heat-up should NOT be overlooked, but it often is by the first-time buyer. Vaping is not as quick as smoking, and many are not used to having to wait. When stocking your vapes, look to get your hands on vapes that speed up as quickly as possible whilst maintaining to the standards laid out above. A good heat up time is between 10 and 20 seconds.

6: Mobile Application

  • Customer pain points: I can’t dial up the perfect hit
  • Product features to look for: Precision control via a mobile app

It’s the twenty-first century and these days no good vape comes without a mobile application. These applications control the temperature and power of the vape and play a significant role to the end-user experience. Whilst a mobile application is not going to be the first thing a vaper looks for, they are more likely to depart with their cash if their vape comes with a quality, sleek and simple mobile application.

Is It “Legal” To Sell These In My Shop?

Some vape shop owners are wary about selling a weed vaporizer in their shops, and it’s a valid concern. One shop owner we talked to has a large customer base of police officers and firemen, and he was concerned he would alienate them with such products.
Here are our guidelines for covering your ass if you plan on carrying dry herb vapes in your shop:

It’s not a “bong”, It’s a “water pipe!”

This is the #1 thing every head shop owner says to cover their ass for law enforcement, and it can work for you too. Of course we all kind of chuckled when they said this, but we also understood why they had to do it – it implies that these can be used to smoke tobacco, while a “bong” is for smoking weed. Learn from this if you decide to carry dry herb vapes. It’s not a “weed vape” it’s a “dry herb vaporizer”. Remember, you can “vaporize oregano” with it too! Or catnip…

Check with your local chamber of commerce, or MuniCode

We have mentioned MuniCode before and it really comes in handy here. There may be city ordinances that disallow the sale of such items in proximity to schools or churches. Double check just to be sure. Also do research on your state regs.

61% of Americans think marijuana should be legal

10 states have medical marijuana and 9 states have legalized recreational use. It’s more widely accepted than ever, so don’t be afraid to capitalize on the trend.

Ask your customers

In the end it’s something that you need to determine if your customers would respond to it, and only you will know that. Ask them if they would mind if you carried them.