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May Holiday Guide 2019

May starts off with long-awaited spring, and one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year – Mothers Day! Are you ready to explore May possibilities? If you need further inspiration, just go to Facebook and Instagram and search for posts with these hashtags or ones that were posted on these dates. You’re bound…

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How To Run Paid Ads On Facebook In The Vape Industry

facebook ads for vaping

Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to use Facebook ads to promote your vape shop, e-liquid brand or ecommerce site. In this post, I’ll breakdown a process by which you can create a marketing plan using Facebook groups and pages to create leads and attract customers for your vape company. Step 1: Use Mission…

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The 5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Loyalty Program

vape loyalty rewards program

Many vape shops don’t set up their loyalty programs properly. Furthermore, many shop owners miss out on opportunities to drive important customer behavior with their loyalty rewards points. This post will serve as a great resource for vape shop owners that need help with their loyalty program, whether they are just beginning or trying to…

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Age Verification For Vape Shops – The Definitive Guide

age verification for vape shops

 Subscribe To VapeMentors on Youtube Age verification is profoundly important for the survival of the brick and mortar vape shop. Every vape shop owner, manager and employee needs to make an effort to educate sales reps on proper age verification. The FDA has certain rules that a vape shop must follow, but your local…

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Ultimate Tech Stack For Your Vape Shop

Whether you’re opening a new vape shop or working hard to grow your existing store, there’s no need to do it alone. There are many tech tools on the market to help you manage and improve your business these days, and it doesn’t make sense to just ignore them.

Instead, find out what they are and use them to your advantage so your vape shop is as successful as you want it to be. Here’s what you need to know if you’re ready to use technology to grow your vape shop.

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5 Things To Say Other Than “Quit Smoking With Vaping”

Vape shops and eliquid companies want so badly to tell the truth about vaping – that it can help you quit smoking.

Unfortunately, there are laws that prevent us from using “health claims” and “cessation claims”. For instance, we cannot say “vaping is safer than smoking”, or that “vaping will help you quit smoking”. Even though we know in our hearts it’s true, we can get in a lot of legal trouble for doing so.

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What Are the FDA Nicotine Warning Label Requirements For Vape Shops?

vape shop training

If you manufacture, sell or advertise ENDS products, the FDA requires you to display a health warning on the product packaging or marketing material. The good news is that the FDA has granted a one-month grace period to ENDS companies who haven’t made the required change yet. You had until September 10, 2018 to get the imagery in place and avoid a potential fine.

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What To Expect From An FDA Inspection

When the FDA issued its ENDS deeming regulations in 2016, the agency brought ENDS products under the same regulatory umbrella as other tobacco products. Unless someone successfully challenges the FDA’s legal right to regulate ENDS systems under the provisions of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009, manufacturers and retailers of ENDS products must now abide by the same regulations as makers and sellers of tobacco products.

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How Could Shopify Improve Your Vape Ecommerce Venture?

Best eCommerce Platform for Vape Shops

There are many different things you can do as a business to improve your exposure, sales, and customer experience. Ecommerce is a key area of modern business and to truly succeed you have to seriously consider this type of retail method.

The internet has evolved greatly since its creation and most businesses now have an online store. By having a company website and online store you have the potential to appeal to a much wider audience, and your vape products are also available for your customers viewing 24/7. This article looks at one particular online store platform that could potentially transform your business – Shopify.

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