Medical and recreational marijuana use is sweeping the nation (finally) and vape shop owners are in a unique position on the topic: should we or should we not carry dry herb vaporizers? In some ways vape shops try to differentiate themselves from marijuana use since it often gets confused, but in other ways we embrace it as part of the glorious counter-culture that is vaping.

Regardless of where you stand, it’s wise to consider carrying these in your shop, so we teamed up with to bring you the top 3 dry herb vaporizers to carry in your shop (in 2017). To go deeper into these and others, check out their weed vaporizer review page for 11 other awesome vapes to consider.

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In the meantime, stock up on these three champions of the genre and watch as they fly off your shelf!

#1: Crafty Vaporizer

  • Price Point: $300
  • Great for: Vaping with friends
  • Best feature: Use while charging

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer - Crafty Vaporizer


Visually, the Crafty is a stunning piece of equipment, looking like it comes straight out of a science fiction movie with its neat matt black finish and compartmental nature. Its beauty, efficiency, simplicity and competitive pricing makes the Crafty a fantastic option for your tech-savvy customers, and it’s at a competitive price point. It’s also manufactured by the same people that did the Volcano, so it’s got brand recognition.


The Crafty is controlled by an easy to use mobile app extremely well designed. There is only one button to press with the rest controlled by an easily usable, free to download, mobile application that makes changing temperature a breeze.

Final Word:

The crafty is a comfortable, portable, size and fits nicely into the palm of the hand and neatly into one’s pockets. However, the Crafty is on the larger size within the market and there are a number of, significantly less powerful, smaller alternatives available. Whilst the battery life is not the best out there, the micro USB charge point on the vape makes charging extremely easy and convenient and the ‘use while charging’ feature is a true thing of vaping beauty.

#2: Pax 3

  • Price Point: $300
  • Great for: Discreet vaping
  • Best feature: Mobile app

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer - Pax 3


The Pax 3’s shape and size makes it perfect for discreet use, and it is a thing of beauty to look at with a fantastically simple design coming in a range of colors.


The Pax offers an extremely attractive heat up time, and the battery life of the Pax actually outlasts that of the Crafty. However, it does not allow for use while charging, which is a fundamental issue and an inconvenience for experienced vapers. It also has a well designed mobile application for Bluetooth controlled temperature changes, just like the Crafty.

Final Word:

The Pax 3 only just misses out on the number one spot simply because of its inability to be used while charging.

#3: Firefly 2

  • Price Point: $330
  • Great for: All-day vaping
  • Best feature: Replaceable batteries

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer - Firefly 2


The vape itself is small, simple and requires minimal maintenance with an extremely simple cleaning process. Heat up time is relatively quick, although does not compare with the speed of the “Pax” or the “Crafty” and the chamber is perfect size to be shared with a vape loving partner.


There are five pre-set temperatures that are more than sufficient for your dry herbs, combined with a straightforward mobile application that allows the user to adjust the power settings of the vape easily. One fantastic benefit of the Firefly 2 is that the batteries are replaceable and rechargeable (only 45 minutes to full recharge), providing the perfect answer to long day trips, music festivals and any other vape inconvenient activities.

Final Word:

The Firefly 2 is a brilliant piece and perfect for the experienced, vaper with emphasis placed on the vapor taste, smoothness and production value.


We hope this summary helps you pick the best dry herb vapes for your shop. Please let us what you think of this article in the comments below.